Ballage still considering summer trips

The wildfires in Colorado were close enough to Kalen Ballage to alter his visit plans this summer. Ballage and his family, fortunately, were unharmed by the fire and that has Ballage thinking about trips again.

Kalen Ballage from Falcon (Colo.) saw the Colorado wildfires up close this summer. In fact they were too close. Ballage had to change plans to make unofficial visits because the fires came so close to his house.

"We are fine," Ballage said. "It was close though. It was just a mile away is all. The closest we had been to a wildfire before that was 25-miles and that's still close enough to start worrying."

Ballage will admit that the trips he planned for early summer were scrapped. He's starting to kick around some ideas about making a trip or two later this month. But he also said that all plans to see any schools this summer could be off until he makes official visits.

"It kind of set things back for me, that's for sure. I was set to see some schools like Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska and then Boise State. I just couldn't go because of the fire.

"I had those plans to make those trips in June. I was thinking about trying to make a couple of trips later this month to some of the schools. Or, they will have to wait for official visits."

The schools that Ballage was set to see this summer he wouldn't consider to be his top four schools. However, he did say that those are the four schools that he knows the most about without having seen the schools on a visit.

"Those four schools - Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska and Boise State - are definitely schools that I will be considering for an official visit. I wouldn't call them my top four, but I would say they are the schools I know the most about and haven't seen."

Falcon had a change in their coaching staff and Ballage has already an understanding how they plan to use him this year. There will be a primary spot on both sides of the ball, but expect him to be moving around a lot. And that's exactly how Ballage wants it.

"Our new coaches at Falcon plan on playing me everywhere this year. I will still be playing mostly at running back on offense and linebacker on defense, but I have never liked playing just one position."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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