Huskers and Dawgs lead for Pelon

Nebraska has been able to bring in a number of players this summer of unofficial visits, but there are simply some that can't get to Lincoln without an official visit. This junior college defensive end says he will take an official visit to Lincoln.

Claude Pelon from Mesa (Ariz.) C.C. is working hard this summer. He has another week or so left of his last summer course and says that he's paying a lot of attention to improving his footwork through this summer.

"Summer is going good," Pelon said. "I am in Arizona this summer. I am just working out everyday. I am really working my footwork and I am doing some classwork. I am done with my class the 18th."

Pelon is also working on the little things when it comes to playing on the defensive line this summer. He says that he would like to use his hands better and be able to read what the offense is doing.

"I am trying to get better with my hands. I need to use my hands a lot more, reading the offense better and just doing the small things."

Depending on the down and distance you will be able to find Pelon somewhere across the defensive line for Mesa. He says that they like to get quick on the defensive line in obvious passing situations.

"I will be playing the three technique and the five technique. It's going to be based on down and distance. If it's 3rd and 8 then we will roll in a third defensive end and move me inside.

"I am hearing that the college coaches like me the best as a strong-side defensive end. I played defensive end in high school, but I could help out according to my coach at defensive tackle."

There has been time to take a couple of trips this summer for Pelon. He says that his focus will shift to his five official visits over the next few weeks.

"I took a trip to Washington and to Arizona State this summer. I haven't set up any of my official visits yet, but I have been thinking about it a little bit lately. I will start setting them up in the next two to three weeks."

There are two schools that will get official visits from Pelon for sure. According to him they are also his top two schools right now. "I would say Nebraska and Washington will be two official visits for sure. I would say that those two schools are at the top of my list right now."

Pelon says that when he's able to make that trip to Nebraska that he wants to really get to know the coaching staff and see how the relationships are with the players. He's also seeing Lincoln while on his trip.

"I want to meet and get to the know the coaching staff at Nebraska. I am interested in seeing how the players and the staff interact when I would visit. I want to see how the transition would be from junior college to big-time football. And just the city."

Pelon has two years to play two and will graduate this December from Mesa.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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