Breaking Down: Tanner Farmer

Nebraska fans are ready for some attitude on the offensive line. Fox Sports Next Midwest analyst, Allen Trieu, says that attitude is on the way with Tanner Farmer.

The NFTC in Chicago was going to be a showcase of some of the top offensive lineman in the nation. Names like Brian Allen and George Panos were in attendance. It was also a coming out party for Tanner Farmer from Highland (Ill.) who went on to commit to Nebraska a little over a month later.

"He absolutely held his own against all of those guys at NFTC," Trieu said. "I think that if you went to that camp not knowing who anybody was you could have easily said that is the kid that's committed to a BCS school and not the kid with just one offer or no offers.

"It really proved to everyone I believe that this was a guy to pay attention to and that this was a guy that was way under the radar mostly because of his high school and where he plays. He plays at a smaller high school in Illinois and it's sometimes harder to get noticed."

Trieu says that there are a couple of key things that Farmer has going for him in his game. Then a wrestling background for Farmer seems to be paying off on the football field as well when it comes to the understanding of leverage.

"He's incredibly strong and very technically sound as a player. Those are the two things that his game is built around. He's a kid with great weight room numbers and sometimes that doesn't translate to the field, but it definitely did with him.

"When he got his hands on guys or got a punch on guys it made a noticeably impact for him than for other kids going against the same defenders. He's able to really control guys and use his strength to his advantage. He knows how to use leverage."

Nebraska fans are excited when they flip on Farmer's film and they see a nasty lineman who has technical skills, but some attitude too. Trieu says that he sees it. There is no quit in Farmer and he doesn't shy away from the big battles and opponents.

"The kid is one of those classic nice guys off the field and has the nasty disposition on it. He took on anyone they would put in front of him. He didn't back down from anyone. He finishes his blocks. He is everything that you think of when you think of classic Nebraska, classic Big Ten and classic Midwestern style offensive lineman."

Nebraska has really settled into Ohio, grabbing five players over the past two seasons from teh state, but Trieu says that Nebraska is pushing out now. He's seen more of a presence in the Midwest for Nebraska because they are going beyond just the big cities in his area.

"They have been very active in my area. When you look up and down the Midwest area you see a lot of Nebraska offers out to the players in Wisconsin, Illinois, a couple in Michigan and in Ohio. And Nebraska has been doing well in Ohio, but in the other states in the are Nebraska is starting to have success as well.

"You can tell that Nebraska is really digging in by going out past the guys that are in the metro areas. I think when you see a team move beyond the big cities you really understand how much a team is trying to come an area."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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