Coach Speak: Larenzo Stewart

Nebraska got their running back recruit when Spring (Texas) Klein Oak, Larenzo Stewart, made the call. Stewart's head coach, David Smith, has seen a lot of players, but says Stewart might be best he's seen at Klein Oak.

Coach David Smith has been around coaching a while. 32 years in fact including 16 at his present high school according to his profile on the Spring (Texas) Klein Oak website. Coach Smith says Larenzo Stewart not only has speed, but has power too.

"A player like Stewart makes me a better coach, obviously," Coach David Smith said. "He can really do anything. He's a versatile kid. He can run the speed, read the speed, he can play quarterback as well as work out of the slot and work in space.

"You can see the speed on film so he can get around you and he can out run you. But, he can run right through you too. He can lower that shoulder and deliver the blow. He's a very explosive runner."

Coach Smith says that Stewart has a lot of gifts on the football field. Smith says that Stewart is the best "pound for pound" player he's had at Klein Oak and that is saying something considering the players he has seen come through.

"He's definitely fast and he's definitely explosive. Pound for pound, he's as good of player as we have ever had. He's a common sense guy on the field, he understands the game, and he absolutely loves the game.

"He's a track guy. He has amazing speed speed, but football is his love. The 100m is really his event and shows his speed, but you should see him run the quarter-mile. I mean he runs it. He has such a great stride."

Stewart committed early to Nebraska and it was something that Coach Smith might not have been too comfortable with when it came to all schools. The fact of the matter is Coach Smith has some ties to Nebraska going back to his days coaching at Oklahoma.

"I will let you in on something, I know Ron Brown from Nebraska," Coach Smith said. "I know Ron and he came to one of my practices this spring. Here he was just walking out onto the field and I thought 'Who is this?'. There we were on the field together again just a little grayer.

"Ron has big backs at Nebraska. He has strong backs at Nebraska. I know about Adam Taylor from Katy last year. Ron needs a Larenzo. Ron was there watching our practice and he walked over to me after about 20 minutes and told me he wanted him. He said 'He's tough. He's fast. He can block. He can do it all.'"

Stewart has these abilities and these skills, but Coach Smith says that at times he needs someone to lean on. Stewart and Coach Brown from Nebraska will be a perfect pair according to Coach Smith and he's convinced that Stewart's best days of football are ahead of him.

"It's a different game. Larenzo has good confidence at times and at other times he needs that arm around him to reassure. He needs Ron. He needs Ron's support. Larenzo has a lot of talent. He has a lot of gifts. He has a lot to offer Nebraska."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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