More Visits for Dickerson

The San Mateo (Calif.) Serra defensive end, Matt Dickerson, plans to visit four more schools this summer...

San Mateo (Calif.) Serra defensive end Matt Dickerson (6-5, 275), will head into his senior season armed with several offers and a lot of thinking to do.

But before that starts, Dickerson will visit four schools unofficially before he begins to make a list of which schools he's take official visits to.

Dickerson has nearly 20 offers and has visited a handful already, while camping with two Pac-12 programs.

Last month, he camped at Washington's Rising Stars Camp and also with Colorado, earning DL MVP honors at the session he worked in at Washington.

"I really liked it up there at Washington," said Dickerson. "The majority of the time I was working at defensive end, just doing pass-rushing and worked with Coach (Tosh) Lupoi. I had a lot of fun with him. Then the Colorado camp was at Serra HS and I did real well. I worked with Coach (Jim) Jeffcoat and he taught me his fundamentals."

Next up will be a few in-state visits and then one to the Midwest.

"I was at Cal about a month ago for an unofficial visit and I'm probably going to be making another trip over there so my parents can see it again," said Dickerson. "I'm visiting UCLA and USC at the end of July. I haven't visited USC yet, but they were the last offer before Notre Dame offered me. Coach (Clay) Helton and Coach (Lane) Kiffin are the one's recruiting me. I went down to UCLA for an unofficial visit and there spring game. Coach (Jeff) Ulbrich and Coach (Angus) McClure are both recruiting me and I have a really good relationship with them."

He'll visit Notre Dame next month.

"I'm visiting Notre Dame either the first or second week of August, and I'm looking forward to that one," said Dickerson.

Oregon also offered Dickerson, and while he likely won't be able to visit unofficially this summer, he's shooting for an official visit in the fall.

"I'm going to try to do my best to get to Oregon, but it's hard making unofficial visits to all these schools, so I think I'm going to visit them officially and see them for an official visit," said Dickerson. "And hopefully I can get out to Nebraska again before the end of summer, but like I said, I can't make all the trips, so I think I may take an official out there. I'd love to get out there."

Dickerson hopes to take all five trips, but said a decision hasn't been made on where he'll all visit.

"After I visit all the schools I want to see, I'm going to make a decision," said Dickerson. "I'm not going to decide until I see all the schools. That might mean all five visits, but some of the schools I've already gotten to see. I haven't really talked to my parents about which schools to visit, so I don't really know right now."

Dickerson said that the Pac-12 schools have been making a big push for him.

"Recruiting me the hardest, I'd say a lot of the Pac-12 schools," said Dickerson. "A lot of schools have their different ways of recruiting. I don't want to count out anyone with how well they're recruiting."

He doesn't have a timeline for his decision either at this point.

"There is no target time to decide," said Dickerson. "We start fall practice next month. We have a break, two weeks off in August then right after the break we start hitting. So right now, I'm focused on my season and I don't really know when I'll commit."

Dickerson has been playing basketball for his high school, winning a team summer league tournament over the weekend, and it's keeping him in shape for football.

"It's hard transitioning between football and basketball but it's keeping me in shape," said Dickerson. "I'm pretty satisfied with my weight right now. I'm not trying to gain more or lose more. I'm satisfied with where it's at."

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