Hruska picks up first offer

The first offer that a player picks up is an important one. Especially when that player has to wait until mid-July and was getting a little nervous about getting one or not. Mark Hruska breathed a huge sigh of relief today.

Mark Hruska from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest will get a chance to continue playing football beyond high school. The 6-foot-3 and 315-pound offensive lineman picked up his first offer today.

"It was a huge day," Hruska said. "It was my first offer and it's huge for me. I have been working so hard for it. I was getting nervous that it wouldn't happen. I got the email that said to call the coach from San Diego and he offered."

There are some reasons why San Diego knows a little bit about Hruska. He went to camp there earlier this summer because his father went to school there. He also hit another camp while he was out in California.

"San Diego is my dad's alma mater. He wanted me to go to their camp and I really liked it out there. It was great seeing Cali. I also went to camp at USC. Things just generally started to turn around for me after I went out there for those camps."

The two camps weren't the only two places that he's tripped to see. Hruska has seen a number of other schools, mostly for camps, and has his next one coming up this weekend.

"I also went to camp at Nebraska, Kansas State, Iowa State and I am going to North Dakota State for camp this Saturday. I also went to visit Missouri for their spring game after they invited me to visit."

When you watch film on Hruska you see the great size and an absolute punishing run blocker. Hruska says that is what he does the best. What you might not find on the film are examples of pass protection. Because of the offense at Southwest Hruska says he hasn't had a chance to really work on his pass pro technique.

"I think that my strength is that I am just tough and that I love to run-block. I love to put my hand on the ground and fire out at the defender. My weakness is definitely pass blocking. It's really because of a lack of reps. I have worked very hard at it this summer and I have really improved."

There is a pretty big range of weight that you will find for Hruska on the Internet. You can find it as low as 290-pounds and as high as over 330. Hruska says that he's in the middle of that right now and ballooned up as he was chasing the high school squat record.

"I have been cutting weight lately. I got up in my weight when I was really working out and hitting the weights. I think that I was at my heaviest when I set the squat record at my high school. I squatted 580 and broke the record at 540 held by Ben Martin."

Being from the state of Nebraska Hruska went to work at Nebraska's summer camp to catch their eye. He got injured very early into camp and couldn't do a lot after that. Nebraska knows about him and will be tracking his progress on the field and with his weight.

"It was very unfortunate that I pulled my hamstring in the first 40 of the camp while I was at Nebraska. I couldn't do a lot after that. I was heavy still when I was there and Coach Barney Cotton and Coach Bo Pelini told me to keep working to cut weight. I was 325 then and I want to get to 295-300."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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