Coach speak: Trai Mosley

Head Coach Chip Killian from Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson has a number of D-1 prospects on his team that have been known about for a while. The world didn't know about Trai Mosley though until he visited and committed to Nebraska in June.

Nebraska fans likely woke up the news of Trai Mosley committing to Nebraska back in June. The reaction by many was to ask who is Trai Mosley? According to Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson head coach, Chip Killian, Mosley was an unknown until Nebraska saw him in Lincoln.

"Trai wasn't on anyone's radar until Nebraska saw him," Coach Killian said. "He's 5-foot-9 or 5-foot-9.5 and just looking at that he looks just looks like another guy. When you see his skill set though you know he's special."

Coach Killian says that Mosley has a number of qualities that a team like Nebraska, who took the time to really watch him, noticed and offered. Coach Killian says that Mosley has the tools that he looks for in his cornerbacks and that type of play translates well to Nebraska as well.

"He has great feet, he's really quick, and he has quick hips that he can turn and run. He has such a great burst. He can make up ground so quick. He can fall cheat a little bit. He has great physical strength. He can come up and press the receivers. We require our cornerbacks to press."

The word this summer has been that Mosley has looked great during 7-on-7 games. Coach Killian knows that the summer league isn't a great translation to play in the fall, but he says that the physical tools really standout and notes that more corners in the NFL look like Mosley than don't.

"I have seen all of our 7-on-7 games this summer. I think that they have played 32 games or so. The downside of 7-on-7 is you can't bang, chuck or ride in coverage. Trai does a great job with his feet though and that helps out in coverage.

"He has a tremendous vertical, 37-inches. He plays taller and longer than he is tall because of his leaping ability. If you look at the NFL rosters and look at the rosters. The professional cornerbacks are 5-foot-9 or 5-foot-10 for the most part. Players over 6-foot-0 are catching the passes."

The physical side of Mosley's game is what Coach Killian says immediately translates to the college game in Nebraska. In fact, he's put Mosley in at safety before because he's so physical. Coach Killian thinks that it will be tough to keep Mosley off the field because of the many ways he can be productive including on special teams.

"We get flagged all the time in 7-on-7 for being too physical. I tell them to push through and not change. We need those physical cornerbacks. that's the way we want them. He has the ability to hit people. We actually put him at safety and let some of the younger guys play corner from time to time.

"I absolutely love it when Trai comes off to support the run or go get the screen. Trai is strong enough to get off of the wide receiver and with his burst he can get there with is speed. Trai also led the team in kick off and punt return yards. I think that is how he gets on the field immediately at Nebraska."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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