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Peyton Newell is set to announce his commitment at the end of August. The four-star defensive tackle from Hiawatha (Kans.) is staying in touch with his top schools down the stretch.

Four star defensive tackle Peyton Newell has just about a month left before announcing his college decision. The 6-foot-3 and 280-pound standout from Hiawatha (Kans.) says that this was a time he had carved out to take a step back. As much as he's taken a step back he's still knee deep in it.

"I am just trying to take a bit of a step back from things right now," Newell said. "I don't have any plans really. I am just staying in touch with my top four which you know are Nebraska, South Carolina, Kansas and Kansas State.

"I really wanted to give the coaches a chance to show how much they really wanted me. I literally stay in touch with all of the staffs on a daily basis. So as much as I have tried to take a step back I am still pretty active."

Newell said that the communication with the coaches is on a very regular basis. He was able to go back just under a week or so to think of the last time he'd spoken with some of the schools on his top list.

"I know that the Kansas State coaches were trying to get some time lined up for me to speak with Coach Snyder the other day. That time didn't work for me and I need to reset that up.

"I spoke with the entire South Carolina defensive staff about two days ago. I also called the Nebraska coach, Rick Kaczenski, last week with my dad from Florida as I was literally leaving on a cruise for vacation."

The daily communication Newell says comes over social media and to be more exact Facebook. Newell says that it works very well for him, as he's sure that it does the coaches as well, to stay in touch with and on top of what is going on with his top schools.

"It's mostly over social media," Newell said. "I stay in touch with all of the coaches over Facebook because I can access it on my phone and it's really easy to do. I think that being able to communicate with all of them over social media is very convenient for me."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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