Lamin rates Nebraska a "10"

Abu Lamin was on his fourth official visit this week when he chose to visit Nebraska over Auburn. caught up with Lamin as he was headed back to Fort Scott (Kans.) C.C. about his thoughts on the visit.

Abu Lamin is one of the top junior college defensive tackles in the country. The three-star, 6-foot-5 and 300 plus-pound defensive tackle from Fort Scott was in Lincoln this week for his fourth official visit.

"I got Lincoln on Thursday and am in the car headed back to Fort Scott right now," Lamin said. "When I got to Lincoln I got to kick it with Coach Rick Kaczenski, head coach Bo Pelini and the defensive coordinator John Papuchis.

"On Thursday I also got a chance to spend a lot of time with the players. They are great people too. I can see myself fitting in with this type of crowd. They are definitely my kind of people."

The people were one of the best things for Lamin on his official visit to Nebraska. He also really liked the facilities that Nebraska had to offer from the athletic all the way to the academic.

"I got a chance to see the stadium and the construction work they are doing. I got to see the locker room, the weight room, the academic support and everything was so nice. I really liked what they were doing out here academically."

Lamin was thankful he took the visit to Nebraska because he had no idea what it was really like. His opinion of Nebraska going into the visit was completely shattered.

"I really had no idea Nebraska was like this," Lamin said. "It really blew me away. It's really nice. It's completely opposite of what I was thinking. I was just wowed by it.

"It was 100% off from what I was expected. 100% off. I knew that it was going to be a nice college atmosphere, but to me it's one of the best places I have visited period.

"What really blew me away was the town. It's a college town. The town is around the campus and they love their football. It's a great place to live and be. I have really never been to another place like it."

The visit got a perfect score from Lamin. He went on to say that any recruit that decided to take a trip to Lincoln and see what he saw would come away as impressed as he did.

"It was a "10". I would rate it a "10". The place is just amazing. If any recruit took a trip to Nebraska you won't be upset with what you see. The people are nice, the coaches are great and work hard, they have NFL talent, the facilities are A-1 and other than that you can't go wrong. They have everything that a college athlete needs and more."

After the visit to Arkansas Lamin said that Arkansas had the best facilities that he has ever seen. Following the visit to Nebraska he says that he would retract or at least update that statement.

"Honestly after seeing Nebraska's facilities, because Nebraska's facilities are new as well, and Arkansas had just built their facilities, they are both great facilities.

"At first I said that Arkansas had the best facilities that I have seen. I take that back. I don't feel that way anymore. I would say that both Nebraska and Arkansas have great facilities. They really are both A-1."

Lamin obviously knows that following all of the visits and the stories that he does that he's over the top about the school he just visited. What his college decision will come down to will about what he's seen on the trips, but also a bigger picture.

"Whatever school I pick I'm going to find a place that best fits me. A place that is going to support me academically. A place that's going to help me attain my goals and dreams that helps me get to the league. A place I know needs me as a defensive tackle and is ready to bring a guy like me in and are ready to win a championship."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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