Coach speak: Tanner Farmer

Nebraska fans are excited about Tanner Farmer being a future Husker. Farmer is a finisher on the offensive line and according to his Highland (Ill.) head coach he also makes everyone else around him better.

Nebraska fans heard about a tremendous performance at NFTC in Chicago by Tanner Farmer long before he had a Nebraska offer. You read the stories about a nasty, aggressive lineman from that combine and he just sounded like a Cornhusker already.

"He sets the bar incredibly high," Highland Head Coach Jim Warnecke said. "I am the head coach and the offensive line coach and it's one of my funnest areas to coach because Tanner sets the tone.

"He competes the same whether it's a game or it's just practice. It's been fun to work with him and coach him up. He enjoys the challenge and wants to work on his weaknesses when so many players his age would just concentrate on their strengths."

Coach Warnecke already believed that Farmer improved the other players around him, but now he might have some tangible proof. Another offensive lineman on the Highland (Ill.) team picked up an offer and he gives some credit to Farmer for the push everyday in practice.

"We have a junior offensive lineman who was just offered by Army. I have to think that some of his success has to do with Tanner and lining up across from him every day in practice as well as seeing how Tanner plays the position."

Something needs to be said about lineman who are also wrestlers. They know a little bit about leverage that gives them a leg up on players in college that didn't wrestle. Farmer is a state champion and competed at that 2012 USAW Cadet Greco Nationals in Fargo.

"He's a state wrestling champs here at Highland as well as a football player and being a wrestler is all about leverage. I spoke to the offensive coordinator at Minnesota and he told me that they target wrestlers for their offensive line. I have never seen him beat one-on-one."

Farmer is a player that is working at a position in high school that he likely won't be playing in college. He and his coach know that and they have already started working on the technique to play the more realistic positions that Farmer might play at Nebraska.

"He's a left tackle for us and he's played there since his freshman year. Our thought is that he'd be more of an interior guy at the next level though when you are looking at those D-1 defensive ends these days. He's working on snapping, open hip pulls and we are working on his inside technique already."

Farmer has tremendous strength, has a great motor, a great work ethic and understands leverage already as a high school offensive lineman. That will help him make the jump to the elite levels of college football, but there is still a significant hurdle that he will have to climb over once he gets to Lincoln according to Coach Warnecke.

"Speed of the game is a huge adjustment for anyone going to play at that level. I imagine that he will be able to red-shirt his first year in Lincoln and that will give him a chance to catch up to the game. He will need to work a little more on his feet and his pass protection too because we are predominantly a running team."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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