Recruiting Royalty

2015 is a deep year for guards nationally, and Illinois is looking coast to coast at players who fit what they want to accomplish, including a Prince.

The state of Illinois has a group of guards in 2015 that will include some of the best in the country. On top of that, guards are aplenty in the 2015 class.

One in particular that Illinois is showing increased interest in is Prince Ali of Weston, FL. Ali, who saw his stock rise significantly this spring, is grateful that things have begun to pick up for him.

"It's been great so far! I try to stay humble due to the fact that I was relatively unknown last year at this time. It's truly a blessing," he said.

Still, he feels like his best days are yet to come, and knows that he still has some climbing to do.

"I still believe I am underrated, but in due time everything will be good," Ali said.

A couple of schools jumped out this spring and made strong impressions on the rising junior.

"UConn and Illinois stood out to me," he said. "I liked the fact that their head coaches were the ones recruiting me."

Other schools that have recently picked up the pace with Ali include USC, UCLA, and Syracuse. He also received offers this Tuesday from UCF and USF, two in-state schools.

Though early, Ali does have an idea of what he's looking for when it comes to discerning between schools.

He said, "I look at what the campus looks like, what my role would be when I come in, my relationship with the coaching staff, and location."

Ali will definitely be one to keep an eye on. In-state recruits will be a battle no doubt, but Illinois is looking far and wide to get the right guys.


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