Coach speak: Demornay Pierson-El

Head coach Jeremiah Davis knew about Demornay Pierson-El at Alexandria (Va.) West Potomac when he took the job there two seasons ago. He had to try and stop him on offense, but he was thankful that Pierson-El didn't play defense too.

Demornay Pierson-El gave his verbal commitment to Nebraska during Big Red Weekend in June. His coach at Alexandria (Va.) West Potomac is entering his second season and says that the three-star wide receiver makes his job easy for him and his coaches.

"He definitely makes it easy for us," Head Coach Jeremiah Davis said. "Before I came here to West Potomac, this is my second year, we played against them. And he only played one way. We were like 'Thank God!'.

"They were throwing the ball around then. You had to send someone out there to guard him, but you couldn't catch him. At least you didn't have to worry about him on defense too. It's a killer and then you include him on special teams."

Davis has collegiate football experience. In fact, many might recall that both he and Richie Incognito were tossed from the Nebraska/Penn State game in 2002. Davis knows about the need to be flexible and has stressed that to Pierson-El.

"I played at Penn State and Joe Paterno was notorious for changing positions with players. He'd bring in a fullback and he'd be a defensive lineman later in their career.

"I have told him that his versatility is to his benefit and it will help to the longevity of his career. I told him to remain multifaceted and help out your team anyway possible.

"These days people want players to "specialize". I told him that he can't have that attitude in college and that he needs to be a team-first player. He needs to do whatever he needs to do. He even played tight end for us last year. He's a serious mismatch problem anywhere."

To say that Coach Davis has confidence in his star wide receiver is an understatement. Davis knows that Pierson-El isn't the biggest guy in the area, but he has all of the skills to make up what he lacks in height and size.

"I would take him one-on-one against anyone from our area. He's not super tall and he's not super big, but he knows how to jump, knows when to play the ball at the right time, for his size his hands are huge and his hand-eye coordination is amazing. He can dunk a basketball."

If there is one area that Pierson-El really loves it's likely special teams and making returns. Coach Davis says that it's going to be bard for Nebraska to keep Pierson-El off of the field when it comes to doing returns.

"He really loves to do the return game. Our mantra is to not let any ball bounce. We just don't do that. He gets up underneath it, hits a crease and he's gone. Immediately, I think that he can have an impact on special teams at Nebraska."

Coach Davis knows about the competition level around the D.C. area and he knows what it takes to play at the elite levels of D-1 football. He says that all kids have to acclimate themselves to the speed of the game.

"The competition around here is OK, it's pretty good, there are some kids that have gone on to play at the next level. But, it's a huge jump to go and play at a Nebraska, a Michigan, a Penn State or a Tennessee type school. The initial speed of the game, and that's for anyone going to college, will be a big adjustment."

The Big Ten is expanding to pick up both Maryland and Rutgers. Coach Davis says that he definitely sees how that expansion is helping Nebraska immediately by being able to sell playing in the area to the recruits. Not to mention how well Nebraska will travel when they take the field at their opponents' stadiums.

"Nebraska is a tradition-rich football program. They are college football when you think of Nebraska, Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, Penn State, Michigan and those schools. When those schools are doing well college football is doing well.

"When Nebraska comes to play Maryland there will be 50,000 Nebraska fans there to see them play. These kids are going to see Nebraska play now and going to be able to get to those games. Their friends and families can come and see them in the area."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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