Coach speak: Monte Harrison

Monte Harrison is well respected in the Kansas City area. Many believe that Harrison, from Lee's Summit (Mo.) West, is the best athlete to come through the area in quite some time.

The wide receiver position and the Nebraska offense are creating a name for themselves. Years ago, a player like Monte Harrison probably would have seen Nebraska's offense as an opportunity to just block. Nebraska's receivers still block, but they are also catching a lot of balls, making plays and winning ball games.

Harrison, a 6-foot-2 and 185-pound wide receiver sees opportunity at Nebraska on the football field and off of it. The three-star commitment will also play baseball at Nebraska as well. Lee's Summit (Mo.) West Head Coach Royse Boehm says that he as well as other coaches in the Kansas City area think that Harrison is the best athlete to come out of the area in a long, long time.

"We are very fortunate," Head Coach Royse Boehm said. "If you don't know, Monte will be our fourth high school all-American. My son, Evan, plays for Missouri was our first. Then I had Nick Ramirez and Jamone Boyd last year. Now, I have Monte.

"You ask me that question and I think that there is a bit of a tradition going here. You talk to Head Coach Kelly Donahoe over at Blue Springs (Mo.) when the college coaches come through and he tells them that Monte is the best athlete to come out of Kansas City in a long time and maybe the best ever."

Harrison is obviously a big-play threat for West from his wide receiver position. It doesn't hurt that West has a solid quarterback, running back and another wide receiver to go along with Harrison on offense. Harrison will also move into the offensive backfield to take snaps, run and throw. Having Harrison allows Coach Boehm to be incredibly creative and difficult to predict.

"We see Monte fitting into our offense this year is just how we used him last year. He runs excellent routes, he has excellent speed and then we pull him in as the wildcat quarterback. He will run and throw out of the wildcat. He's the complete package deal. We will find ways to get all of our players on the field, all in the backfield and our opponents aren't going to know which way we are going. It's hard to tell."

Harrison a three sport standout at West. Coach Boehm says that there are really only two sports that Monte would like to play after he's done with high school. One sport might want him to make the jump to the professional ranks immediately.

"He's a baseball, basketball and football player here at West. It takes a special young man to play three sports and then be talented in each one of them is the icing on the cake. Basketball is out of the question. He doesn't want to play that in college. His brother is at Tulsa for Danny Manny, Shaquille Harrison.

"I think that he's stronger in football, but you are going to have these major league scouts talking about millions of dollars and the kid is going to take the money and run. It's guaranteed money. And it's too bad because they could make more money in the long run playing the other sport.

"Now, look at a player like Bubba Starling. He's in the major leagues and it might not work out for him. He does have the option to go back to Nebraska at some point if he wants. It's going to be fun to watch and see what happens. I think that he's better in football though."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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