Keeping all the weapons happy

With every weapon on offense, the job of keeping everyone happy gets hard for Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck.

Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck might have more weapons than anyone in the Big Ten, but keeping everyone happy can be tough.

"You only have one football, which always makes it tough. I equate it to attacking the opponent. We want to be an attacking offense, maybe not much different than the military attacking someone. They are aggressive and bring the fight to the enemy.

"When the military attacks, they use different methods. It could be SEALS, it could be by land, by sea, by air – we are the same way. It just depends on how we are going to attack someone each and every week, you just have to figure out what you are going to use...I think if you are honest and communicate with them, kind of letting them know, just like life, you avoid a lot of that."

Beck has a message for players who feel they can help the team more on the offensive side of the football.

"Lineman want to run the ball – then block. Receivers want to catch the ball – then get open," said Beck. "The bottom line is, you gotta win. I don't care if it's 2-0, you have to win."

Beck's offense has been installed for two seasons now and with a veteran heavy offense, the offensive coordinator says there are opportunities for the offense to grow.

"There is certainly things we are doing to continue to expand and take advantage of our athletes," said Beck.

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