Huskers in the thick of it for Flowers

Nebraska is definitely a team that is standing out to Quinton Flowers. The four-star wide receiver wants to play quarterback in college and the Huskers have told him he can have his chance.

Miami (Flor.) Jackson played in their preseason game last week. Quinton Flowers had a huge night after his team started slow. It could have been bigger had a couple of touchdown passes were called back.

"We played in the kickoff classic last week," Flowers said. "We started off slow, but things changed as the game went on. We won 32-7.

"I thought that I played pretty well. I would have thrown for five touchdowns, but two of them were called back for penalties. I did run for two more touchdowns."

Flowers says that other than the skill positions that basically all of the other players return from last season. The skill position players and Flowers are getting connected with more time playing together.

"We have a couple of guys who in as wide receivers and we are getting connected. In the backfield we have three running backs that are new. Other than that, everyone else returned. We returned a lot of people from last year."

Flowers and his team are set for a big showdown this week, but have a bye in week two. Recent news had the four-star recruit headed to see a couple of SEC teams. Flowers says that he will have to reschedule.

"I am supposed to go to Alabama and Auburn next weekend, but I am thinking I have to reschedule," Flowers said. "We have a bye that weekend, but we are doing a lot of team related things. I want to focus on my team."

With the cancellation of his visits next weekend Flowers says that he will wait to take his official visits until after the season. He does have three teams that he says right now will get an official visit.

"Yes I will take my official visits after the season is over with. I know that I want to visit Marshall, Texas and Nebraska for sure."

The Nebraska staff has made an early impression with Flowers in the process. Flowers, rated a wide receiver by, wants a shot at quarterback and Nebraska says that he can play quarterback. In fact, the Nebraska offensive coordinator told Flowers he reminded him of Taylor Martinez.

"Coach Tim Beck has been recruiting me for Nebraska. Things are going good between he and I. He came down in the spring and he was one of the first college coaches I saw at my high school. He has told me that I remind him a lot of the quarterback they have now.

"I like Nebraska. They have players on their team from Miami. It's good for me to consider Nebraska because I am a 2014 kid from Miami getting to see something new. I have seen Nebraska on TV before and I don't know what it is that I like about them; I just like them."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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