Official visit different for Gifford

You wouldn't think it was possible to do considering how many times Luke Gifford has seen a game in Lincoln, but his official visit was "different". What did Gifford think about his visit and how is his season going?

Nebraska commitment Luke Gifford got a chance to experience Nebraska like he's never had to before. That is saying something too. The hometown commit from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southeast has been on numerous unofficial visits, but his official visit was different.

"It was different," Gifford said. "I got more of a chance to spend a lot of time with the coaches and with the team that I didn't have the same opportunity to do before.

"It was definitely a fun trip. I got a chance to hang out with the team for their meetings and go to their team breakfast on Sunday. I had a blast."

Gifford was in to see the UCLA game which didn't end up in as a Nebraska win. Gifford said that getting a win is nice to add to the weekend, but it's really not a huge part of the overall visit.

"I think that it's something else to the weekend, it's nice to have the team win that you are visiting, but that's not what the visit is all about.

"You are there to see the fans, feel the excitement, check out the atmosphere and see all of the facilities. I would also say a game like that could show a recruit that you could potentially play early."

The selling point of playing early because of a loss is one thing. Selling a product of a field full of "younger players" is another. Gifford has noticed all of the underclassmen on the field and says that it's something that the coaches have been stressing to recruits.

"I don't think that I have seen a time where there has been more young guys on the field on one team like there is there year. It's one of the coaches' emphasis if you can help then you will play."

Gifford and Lincoln Southeast opened up the season with a loss against the No. 1 team in the state. Gifford also left that game with what was called a concussion that he would downgrade a little bit now. He has returned to the field and is having a big impact for Southeast.

"I would like to say that I just got my bell run and as a precaution I sat out week two. You can't take a situation like that lightly. I was able to go last week.

"We played against Millard South and we won 24-3. I had a good night. I had 11 rushes for 125 yards and scored two touchdowns. I also went 8-for-11 and had 87 yards passing. I also had five tackles and an interception."

The three-star safety prospect thinks that there is some truth to opening up with a loss might ultimately be a good thing for his team. It's required them to dig deep and continue to put in a lot of hard work to improve during the season.

"I would definitely agree with that. It brought us back down to Earth now that we have experienced that. There is no place to go but up and it has encouraged us to keep working hard."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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