Foster talks official visit to Nebraska

Nebraska commitment D.J. Foster saw a different side to visiting Nebraska. Foster has been on numerous unofficial visits, but the official visit was unique for a number of reasons.

Three-star offensive lineman, D.J. Foster, officially visited Nebraska last weekend. The 6-foot-3 and 314-pound standout from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southeast has been to a number of Nebraska games as an unofficial visitor, but got a new perspective this past weekend.

"It was a great visit," Foster said. "I really had a good time. I didn't think that there would be a huge difference between an official visits and an unofficial, but I was wrong.

"I got to see some things that I hadn't seen before and experience some things I hadn't done. I got to stay in the Marriott with the team, hand out with the team before the game and overall just had a good time."

Foster liked the feeling of being part of the team last weekend including the overnight stay in downtown Lincoln. There was also the business side of game day with the team that he hadn't seen before.

"Staying with the team at the hotel was cool. It was great going to mass with the team and going to all of the meetings with the players to go over the game plan. It was great to see everyone so business like before the game."

The game started out well for Nebraska, but fell apart in the second half. Foster has seen this happen before. He says that the most important thing that the Huskers can do is learn from this experience.

"I did think that Nebraska looked great in the first half against UCLA," Foster said. "Players and teams can start well and just try to finish, but UCLA is a good team. It happens to everyone. I hope that they learn from it."

Before the game was something that Foster had not seen before. After the game was unlike he'd ever seen before as well.

"It was pretty quiet in the locker room after the game. I could tell that people weren't used to those types of things happening; it was out of the ordinary. It was crazy to see Nebraska lose like that."

Lincoln Southeast is on a roll after stumbling out of the gate to being their season. Foster says that if the team can stay the course that they will end up being a playoff team like they hoped.

"We are doing great right now. We are coming off of a 24-3 win over the weekend. We learned after that loss in our first game. If we can stay on this road we will be able to be a playoff team like we want to be."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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