White watches LSU/Auburn

Springhill (LA) North Webster 2016 RB Devin White, the state's top-ranked sophomore, talked about LSU vs. Auburn. What did he think of LSU tailback Jeremy Hill's performance? Who was White there to specifically support? Find out inside...

Louisiana's top sophomore prospect made the trip from the far northern reaches of the state to Baton Rouge to watch the LSU Tigers handle Auburn last night.

"It was crazy," Devin White said of the atmosphere at Tiger Stadium. "They played good last night. LSU has a good team this year. I enjoyed the atmosphere even though it was raining. The student section was dedicated. They were all telling me to come to LSU. I loved it."

A big back who combines power, size and speed, White has much in common with LSU's top tailback, Jeremy Hill.

"I think he ran extremely well," White said of Hill. "I told Coach Frank (Wilson) that Hill got 'em going offensively. Hill had eight carries for 144 yards with that big o-line making big holes that he hits hard.

"It was a good thing with me being a running back watching him last night versus another SEC team. LSU was pounding them."

White was there specifically to support fellow northeast Louisiana stud Tre'Davious White, the true frosh DB from Green Oaks in Shreveport.

"My main focus was to support him," White said. "Tre'Davious is my homeboy. He did his thing, making the starting lineup, getting four big tackles and almost a pick.

"He was happy to see me after the game. He showed everybody that true freshmen can play on the college level at LSU. You just have to work hard and really show out. I was glad to see that last night."

White says he'll be back for LSU's home game vs. Florida and will also attend the Tigers' tussle with Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

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