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Ray Gallegos played 37.5 minutes per game last season, but likely won't log as many minutes this year - that's a good thing.

LINCOLN, Neb. - It's not often you see a guy like Ray Gallegos, who was second on his team in scoring and first in minutes last year, see a diminished role the following season.

But, the Nebraska senior guard might not be as heavily relied upon this season.

Gallegos played 37.5 minutes per game, good for first in the Big Ten last year. With at least three fresh faces at the guard spot this season, Gallegos will likely see his minutes rolled back, which should overall help his game.

"I played that much because obviously we weren't that deep. This season, we have more depth and I would say more talent. It's going to be a battle for everyone to get playing time," said Gallegos, who admits last season he tried to do too much at times. "I settled for threes and jump shots too much and didn't get to the line enough or create for my teammates. This offseason I feel like my ball-handling has really improved, it's an area that I have really worked on. I'm just trying to get to the hoop and put it on the floor more."

Gallegos averaged 12.5 points per game last year, but at times struggled to get an open look with teams focusing their energy on watching him on the perimeter. With what looks to be more scorers on the floor this season, it's the hope Gallegos gets better opportunities to make an impact from the outside.

In addition to working on his ball-handling, Gallegos has worked on other areas of his game this offfseason.

"For the longest time I have been a quiet person. I let Brandon Ubel takeover. But with him gone, I'm trying to pickup my teammate more and be more vocal," said Gallegos. "They want me doing the right thing, so my teammates follow my lead."

The Huskers won 15 games last season, by far exceeding most people's expectations. Many national magazines and media types have picked Nebraska once again towards the bottom of the Big Ten, but the senior says the team has a different idea.

"We try to not listen to that stuff. We are working hard and know what we want," said Gallegos. "We have goals and are looking to achieve them. We are going to surprise some people."

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