Plans to hit the road

The Nebraska coaching staff is hitting the road on Thursday, with plans to see a lot of Husker prospects.

LINCOLN, Neb. - After a few solid days of practice, the Nebraska coaching staff is hitting the road for a little recruiting during the bye week.

The Huskers will send most of their coaches out, including head coach Bo Pelini himself, who will make an appearance in Louisiana sources told Big Red Report. Pelini is expected to visit John Curtis high school, the defending National Champions, to see 2014 defensive back Terrence Alexander.

According to assistant coach Ross Els, Nebraska's recruiting coordinator, the staff will go coast to coast, hitting up a combination of practices and games.

"There are some on Thursday and some on Friday. A couple guys are going to a Saturday game. We will either go to practices or the high school as well on Thursday and Friday during the day," said Els. "We are going all over the place."

Next week Nebraska will take on Illinois in their first conference game of the season. After a game with Purdue, the Huskers will then follow it up with another bye week.

'I sure like the two byes from a recruiting standpoint because we can get out twice as long if our season is going okay," said Els. "I don't know if we will go out as much or as many guys will go out the next time around, we will see recruiting wise and season wise, but I like it because we can get out more.

"I think going out shows a guy, 'if we are interested enough to come see you, you need to come see us.' I think that will help (on getting guys to visit officially). We need to get a lot in for officials yet, and we have a lot of guys planned. It's just a matter of getting them scheduled and finding what time our kickoffs will be. I'm not sure on a couple of those yet. That will make a little bit of a difference."

Els was asked if Nebraska's recruiting board at the moment was smaller than in previous years, because of the rush to commit by so many recruits across the country.

"I don't think so, I think if you look at our board right now, we are looking at the same numbers of guys. I don't think it's alarming by any stretch of the imagination," said Els. I think we are sitting fine...I like the guys that are committed to us and are solid commitments. This day and age it's scary, but I don't see any fluctuation. We need to finish strong and we will. Getting out on the road and getting guys in on official visits will be huge for us."

Nebraska says there isn't a single position they are done at in recruiting for the 2014 class, but there will be an emphasis on defensive back going forward.

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