Top five unchanged for Flowers

Quinton Flowers is a few weeks removed from his official visit to Nebraska and he says that he still thinks about the visit. Has anything changed on Flowers' list and what about playing a spot other than quarterback?

Quinton Flowers from Miami (Flor.) Jackson says that their season is going well despite a recent loss. Flowers says that he and his team are getting ready for district competition.

"Things are going good," Flowers said. "We are coming off of a loss, but it was a non-district game. That was a tough game for us and we are focused now on our district."

Flowers says that the season, personally, is going very well. The teams overall success is always the first focus, but Flowers says that he is eyeing a couple of records too that he's gotten close to.

"My season is going good. I am trying to do a lot of things for the school that hasn't been done like set some records. Those records are secondary to a successful season though.

"The Dade County record for passing yards is 410. I was at 398 yards in and game and the last pass was dropped. that would have put me over 410 yards."

A recent official visit to Nebraska is still fresh on Flowers' mind. The fact that the visit wasn't all about football stands out to Flowers.

"We I came back home from Nebraska I thought about what the Huskers did on offense. The visit wasn't all about football. I liked their campus and everything was really close together."

Nothing has changed on Flowers list. He still has the same five with one minor adjustment. If Flowers was considering playing a position other than quarterback there are some teams that would find their way onto his list.

"I still have the same top five, nothing has changed there. It's Nebraska, Texas, USF, Marshall and West Virginia. Alabama would be there if I wanted to play wide receiver. I would say UCF and Florida would be too."

While there are some schools that would move onto Flowers' if he wanted to play another position he says that his heart is still set on playing quarterback.

"I still want to play quarterback in college," Flowers said. "No one is really going to be able to change that about me. I want a chance to get on the field as a quarterback so that is in my mind."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 11 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 13 years.
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