Jackson hits the film room

Sophomore Charles Jackson says he's working harder than ever to get on the field and it starts in the film room.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska sophomore safety Charles Jackson was a projected four-star cornerback coming out of high school, but the Texas native was used to playing anywhere in the secondary.

During his senior year of high school, Jackson started at safety for Klein Collins, and the time helped him with his transition to the position this year for Nebraska.

After playing the backup NICKEL spot last season, the Husker coaching staff asked the sophomore to move to safety in hopes he would find the field sooner.

Now four games in, the former high school All-American has yet to crack the starting lineup, but was the topic of much discussion last week during the bye.

"Charles needs to fix Charles," head coach Bo Pelini said. "Charles needs to be somebody that we can count on to play within our defense and do what he's supposed to do. He's got the ability, there's no question."

Fixing Charles starts with consistency, Pelini has said. And in attempts to do that, Jackson says he's hitting the film room more the past few weeks.

"I feel that's what's holding me back," said Jackson. "When I say the mental aspect of the game, I need to know what the coaches expect of me every single play, every single down.

"I just have been getting in the film room a lot more and trying to get out of it what I can get out of it. I'm working my hardest right now...I feel like I could impact things when it comes to tackling, but we will have to see. I just have to go out there and do it. I really can't talk about it. I got to get on the field and do it."

On Tuesday, Jackson asked about his transition to safety and if it was harder than first imagined to pick up.

"Safety I would say is a lot more difficult and you really have to learn the position," said Jackson. "I feel like safety is a spot I really like. You come down and hit a lot more and it's very aggressive position. I actually love it."

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