It's a long game

The Nebraska coaching staff isn't panicking when it comes to recruiting.

LINCOLN, Neb. - After hitting the road recruiting wise during the bye last week, Nebraska recruiting coordinator Ross Els says the coaching staff came home over the weekend with a positive outlook on the future.

"It's really good to get out and see what people think of the University of Nebraska," said Els, who recruited on the west coast according to BRR sources in Cali. "It means something around the country. We have some really good contacts after talking with coaches and going to games. There was a lot of positive feedback and hopefully in the next month you see from fruition from it."

The entire staff hit the road, including head coach Bo Pelini himself. The mission was not only to see 2014 prospects who are in still considering Nebraska, but to evaluate new players as possible offers guys in the coming months. The staff also spent time visiting the schools of their current commitments and tried to find 2015 talents to add to their watch list.

On Saturday, Nebraska will host Illinois in their fifth home game of the season. Unlike the previous four, the Huskers do not have any 2014 prospects slotted for an official visit.

"The 11 a.m. (kickoff) hurts it a little bit, but the high schools aren't playing the same way. There used to be a lot of Thursday night games early in the season, now we are seeing more Friday night games and it's harder to find guys who can get here," said Els, who was asked if the coaching staff has been satisfied with the number of visitors so far. "I think you always want to have more. I don't know if you are ever satisfied, but it's not like we are panicking saying, 'boy we haven't gotten this guy in.'

"We are going to have a lot in towards the end of the season. If you have them in too early, part of the problem is they are going to take a few more visits. If a guy isn't really fired up about coming in, we aren't going to force it early. We would rather wait until he's ready to make a decision and possibly be the last one."

With half of the class left to fill, the coming months should be a busy one on the recruiting side of things for Nebraska.

Currently the Huskers rank No. 42 in the Sports team recruiting rankings and find themselves sitting behind Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Northwestern in the Big Ten rankings.

"I know everyone compares us to Ohio State, Michigan, those guys are all full, why isn't Nebraska? If we come to signing day and it's a bad class, we haven't done a very good job," said Els. "It's kind of like the game, until you see the final score, we are fine."

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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