As Harveys Sees It: Week 7 Top 25

On Monday, the FOX Sports/ Top 25 poll will debut, but come inside to get a glimpse of how BRR publisher Josh Harvey voted.

1.) Alabama – The defending champions haven't done a thing to prove they don't belong at No. 1, including a win over the Aggies (No. 11), the Rebels (ranked at the time), and V-Tech (just outside my top 25).

2.) Oregon – No Chip Kelly, no problem. The Ducks haven't missed an offensive beat, scoring at least 55 points in all five of their games.

3.) Clemson – The win over the Bulldogs was big and Tahj Boyd is one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

4.) Florida State – A lot of people thought Maryland had a shot against FSU this weekend, 65 points later the Seminoles proved their offense is for real.

5.) Stanford – Great teams find a way to win and that's just what the Cardinals did against the Dawgs this weekend, being out-gained by over 200 yards in total offense.

6.) Georgia – Their ranking could have been higher, but I don't get the same warm fuzzies about beating Tennessee as some writers did. Their win over the Tigers was impressive two weeks ago, but the Vols aren't very good.

7.) Ohio State – Finally the Big Ten makes an appearance. Ohio State's defense is bad – especially their secondary. I don't think they could hang with teams like Florida State, Georgia, and Clemson at this point, who can all air it out.

8.) Louisville – Their schedule is a joke and up to this point, they haven't played anyone. Before I can rank them higher, I want to see them get punched in the mouth.

9.) LSU – The Tigers still control their destiny after losing to Georgia, but have a few defensive problems they need to correct.

10.) Oklahoma – At this point it's hard to gauge the Sooners, after playing a down TCU and a Notre Dame squad who can't seem to move the ball at times. I think they are good, but we might not ever know since they play in the Big 12.

11.) Texas A&M – Probably deserve to be higher the way they played Bama, but their defense isn't very good.

12.) UCLA – The Bruins are talented, but it's hard not to forget how they closed last year.

13.) Baylor – They are literally averaging over 70 points a game – who cares they haven't played anyone. Although that is why they aren't higher on the list.

14.) South Carolina – The Gamecocks seems to have the problem of playing with their level of competition.

15.) Miami – It just seems like I'm waiting for the Canes' magical run to end, but they have been pretty consistent since their win over the Gators.

16.) Michigan – Did the offense figure out something against Minnesota over the weekend? That is Brady Hoke's biggest question so far this season.

17.) Washington – They played Stanford tough, actually they beat them in a lot of categories.

18.) Northwestern – The Wildcats are probably better than I figured they would be, while Ohio State isn't what we thought they would be.

19.) Florida – The defense can be lights out, but what about their offense? An injury to Jeff Driskel hasn't hurt them – yet.

20.) Texas Tech – Kliff Kingsbury has the offense moving once again, but as always, defense is the question mark in Lubbock.

21.) Nebraska – The young defense looked better on Saturday and should continue to grow, while the offense is finally looking like what we thought it could be.

22.) Fresno State – Just say it over and over again – Derek Carr.

23.) Oklahoma State – I don't get the warm fuzzies about their offense and they lost to West Virgina, who got drilled by Baylor. Yes, I played that game.

24.) Wisconsin – They might have two losses, but they played with Ohio State and have one of the best ground attacks in the country. They will win in November because of it.

25.) Northern Illinois – The Iowa win looks better than it did when they beat the Hawkeyes, and they drilled Purdue, although who hasn't?

Just outside my top 25:

Auburn, Missouri, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Virginia Tech

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