Abdullah can cut

Junior running back Ameer Abdullah is always a threat to improvise.


If you took the time to watch Ameer Abdullah's touchdown run, it was pretty special. It was also pretty improvised.

The Nebraska running back has great field vision and is known to make a cut with the best of them in the Big Ten, which always has his teammates on edge.

"You never know where he is going to go," said wide receiver Quincy Enunwa, he's known for his punishing blocks down-field. "That's never a bad thing, he makes plays with that. Taylor [Martinez] is more of a downhill guy, where Ameer is more shifty.

"It happens a lot. That long play against Illinois, I was blocking down field, I turned around and looked, and he was cutting across the field."

Enunwa says it's also gone the other way. Making a block downfield, the senior wide receiver has turned around to find the Alabama native running up his butt.

"All you can do is make sure you are doing your job first," said receivers coach Rich Fisher. "I think the great thing is, those guys understand that all the blocks mean something. If you look at Kenny Bell's cross-field block on Ameer's touchdown run against Illinois, we know that he can cutback at anytime. It's not that I need to get to the safety, it's I have to get to the safety. If you don't, it could be the difference between a touchdown run and a 15-yard run.

"I don't think they necessarily go out there to think this could be a crazy run, but they go out to block the play. They feed off each other and are trying to capture points. When that ball is moving around and they get the opportunity to go find somebody to hit, it's a good thing for us."

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