SEC offer for 2016 RB

The Arkansas Razorbacks are the second offer for Holy Cross (New Orleans) sophomore RB Tre Turner. Keep reading for his reaction...

Tre Turner might not sleep tonight after getting offered by Arkansas.

"I'm feeling good," he exclaimed. "I'm feeling great. My dad called up and talked to their coaching staff to see if they'd been getting my film.

"When he called they transferred him to Coach (Michael) Smith, who said he wants us to come up and see a game, and he offered then and there. Coach Smith said my film was real nice and for me to keep grinding."

Turner was fired up by the late-night offer.

"It was unexpected," he said. "A lot of people are giving me congrats. It may be a little hard to sleep because I'm excited. I like Arkansas. I like the direction of their new coaching staff, and I like their new facilities.

"Coach Smith is from New Orleans. He said he's coming down after the season. Right now I have feelings of happiness and relief. All my hard work is paying off, and it's nice to have someone that believes in me."

Turner gained a season-high 217 yards rushing on 17 carries vs. Bonnabel. He leads the club with over 500 yards on the ground and is averaging a healthy 7.27 yards per carry.

His team is 7-0 entering this week's matchup with nationally-ranked St. Augustine and the nation's top overall player, five-star RB Leonard Fournette.

"I'm trying to make it up there to Arkansas one of the next few weekends," Turner said, "but if that doesn't work out due to my schedule we'll be there in the summer."

Tulane was Turner's first offer.

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