Slade set to check out Lincoln

Darius Slade is part of a defense that through all of last season and six games this year has not given up a rushing touchdown. This talented defender has set up an official visit to check out Nebraska later this season.

Darius Slade and his Montclair (N.J.) squad are having a great year. What they are doing on defense, or more to the point have done since last year, is very impressive.

"The season is going real good," Slade said. "We are 6-0 and haven't given up a rushing touchdown all season. We actually didn't give up a rushing touchdown last season either."

Slade is 6-foot-4 and 230-pounds and is tremendously athletic for his size. He lines up in the five and the seven and says that he's had to drop back into coverage a few times this season as well which allows schools to project him more as a hybrid.

"I line up mostly over the tight end, but will also line up over the tackle as well. I am hearing a lot from teams that they like me as a hybrid and others like me just as a defensive end. It's about 50-50.

"I have had to drop back into coverage a few times this season. I am definitely comfortable doing it and I can be used to do it in the future."

Slade has one official visit in the books with two more planned. Slade says that he wants to get a feel for the atmosphere, see the defense and check out the academics on his official visits.

"I have taken one official visit to Michigan State on October 12th. I have two more set up. I am going to West Virginia on November 8th and then to Nebraska on November 22nd.

"I am looking for a strong family atmosphere, the players that are at my position, the opportunity at the position, fitting the type of defense that they run and the academics and academic support."

The Huskers stepped up with an offer fro Slade about a month ago. He says that he's really developed a strong relationship with the Nebraska staff and that the Huskers could see him playing either as a hybrid or as a true defensive end.

"I got the Nebraska offer a few weeks ago. I have been talking with Coach Rick Kaczenski and Coach John Papuchis from Nebraska. Coach J.P. was here to see me recently.

"Nebraska is saying that they can see me as a true defensive end or that I could be used as a hybrid. They like my size and speed. I am adding size, getting better, and keeping my speed."

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