Brown sees a bright future in Lincoln

The end of the Nebraska - Northwestern game was one for the ages. It was a great weekend for the recruits that Nebraska was hosting and Drew Brown said he's never seen Memorial Stadium like that before.

Drew Brown has seen some games inside Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, but nothing like the game this weekend. The end to the Nebraska and Northwestern game had all of Husker Nation going crazy particularly those in the the stadium.

"The game was absolutely ridiculous," Brown said. "I have never see a finish like that in my life. The crowd went nuts when they saw that he caught the ball.

"It felt like the whole stadium was shaking. There were people going nuts all over the field. That was one of the greatest endings to a college football game, ever."

This was game No. 4 for Brown in Lincoln. He says that it's easily the best game he's seen in person. There was another last year that says registers on the list, but doesn't compare.

"That game has got to be the greatest that I have seen. Another was the Michigan game last year that I saw. That was a close game and it was at night."

Brown wanted to feel like he was a Husker this weekend. He says that his schedule was basically the same as the players' and he's extremely excited about those weekends coming up in his future.

"I felt like part of the team all weekend. My schedule was basically the same as the team's was. I got a feel for what it will be like and I am looking forward to it."

Southlake (Texas) Carroll is staring another playoff run right in the face. Because of that, Brown says that this will be the last time this season he sees a game in person, but could be back for the spring game.

"I don't have anything scheduled to make it back," Brown said. "I know that I won't be able to make it back for anymore games this year. I might make the spring game though."

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