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Topics: Abdullah's NFL stock, Ciante Evan's bounce-back, and Bo Pelini teleconference audio.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska junior running back Ameer Abdullah is currently No. 5 in the country in rushing yards and the No. 2 underclassmen with 1,108 yards.

But NFL GMs/Scouts who are licking their chops, will likely have to wait a year. On Monday Abdullah, who admits he has dreams of playing in the NFL one day, was asked if the thought of growing pro early has creeped up in his mind?

"No," said Abdullah, who didn't need to expand and got the point to reporters it was a mute point. "Honestly, I think about it all the time. You watch every Sunday after you play on Saturday and you say ‘Man, Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, all these premiere backs'. You never understand where you are in comparison to those guys. I feel like I'm light-years behind those guys when I watch them."

Whether Abdullah decides to wait or even test the waters after this season, head coach Bo Pelini says he will make it.

"Down the line, he'll play on Sunday. There's no question in my mind," said Pelini. "I know one thing. I wouldn't trade him for anybody. I know there are other good backs out there. Obviously I believe so much in Ameer that, like I said, I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the country. Not only as a player but as a person, as a leader and what he brings. To me, he embodies what this program and this culture is all about here."

Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison was asked to compare the junior running back to other backs he seen since at UM.

"I'm not into comparisons, but I do know one thing, Abdullah is the real deal," said Mattison.

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Evans rebounds from Minnesota performance

Nebraska defensive back Ciante Evans is a team captain. He's a guy who's been labeled by Pelini as one of the best, if not the best, defensive back in the conference. But Evans wasn't happy with his performance against Minnesota, and rebounded in a big way against Northwestern – a similar trait to most of the Blackshirts.

"Ciante (Evans) prepared his butt off last week. He didn't like the way he played against Minnesota and he responded," said Pelini. "Like I told our guys on defense, so much of it is that mojo and that confidence you bring to the table and the attitude you bring to the table.

"For whatever reason, when we started the game we were on our heels. I think they wanted it so bad that for some reason we didn't have it to start the game. We didn't make a lot of changes. We just executed better as the game went on. We made the plays and the tackles that were there. We made the plays that were available to us. And obviously success breeds confidence. We got more and more confident as the game went on. We weren't perfect. But we got better as the game went on and that's kind of how it works. We have to make sure we eliminate the early part of it where we hurt ourselves early on. Some things were just ridiculous. We had some bad errors early on."

Can Nebraska win the last four?

If the Huskers want to return to Indianapolis, it's likely they will need to win the last four contests to make it happen. They still control their own destiny, but a slip-up means Michigan State is probably the Division winner.

On Monday Pelini, who's no stranger to a winning streak in November, was asked if he felt his team has the confidence they can win the last four.

"I think they do. There's no question. I think they understand that it's going to be a heckuva challenge," said the sixth-year head coach. "I try to beat into our guys' heads to control what you can control. We have to stay the course, stay the process and keep working every day. If we keep preparing every day and try to get better each and every day and you work your butt off, you go about it and try to win each successive football game.

"At the end of the day, if you do that, regardless of how it turns out, you can look yourself in the mirror. That's our approach and that's the approach we need to take. We can't worry about what's going to happen three or four weeks down the line. You take week by week, day by day and try to get better."

Big Ten teleconference audio:

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