Gates talks about Nebraska visit

Nebraska hosted who might be one of the most important recruits left on their big board this past weekend in Nick Gates. This was Gates second trip to see Lincoln.

Nick Gates from Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman sounds a little beat last night and with good reason. The highly sought after offensive lineman got up pretty early that day to make it back home from Nebraska.

"We played Friday so I got there Saturday around noon," Gates said. "I left on Monday morning really early. I didn't get a chance to do anything before that game really on Saturday. I did all of my touring on Sunday."

This trip to Lincoln was a return visit for Gates. He did have someone with him though that had not been there before; his mother. He said that she was very impressed by what she saw this weekend in Nebraska.

"You know that I had already been there before in June for summer camp and Big Red Weekend. My mom was with me this time though. She really liked the academics, the academic support system, the fans and how they support their team."

When Gates was there this summer obviously he didn't see a game and a full Memorial Stadium. he said that the game was great and he was happy to see Nebraska get the win this weekend.

"That was the first time I saw a game there and that was pretty cool. It was a nail-biter for Nebraska and I am glad that they pulled it out in the end."

Gates figured out this weekend why the Nebraska staff seems to be pulling out all of the stops to try and land him in this recruiting class. The coaches told Gates that they seem him as a guy that could literally play any of the spots along the offensive line.

"The Nebraska coaches told me this past weekend that they could see me playing any of the spots on the offensive line. I guess that would explain why they have been recruiting me so hard.

"I think that is a great situation for me. Obviously it tells me how much they think of me and how bad they want me. Also if they really like me at any of the spots it means that there could be some early opportunities there for me."

The visit gets a high rating, but not a perfect one from Gates. He says that he liked all of the new facilities that Nebraska has and that he enjoyed the game. He did mention that he would have liked to see somethings that he couldn't on this trip.

"I would give the visit a score of an "8". They have a lot of new facilities there and the game was great. I wish that I would have been able to see the research center though. It was under construction when I was there in June."

Gates has a top four, but says that he is planning on taking all five of his official visits. He has two visits down and two planned for next month. The last school is something that he hasn't picked out yet among all of the other schools that have offered him.

"I have been to Texas A&M and Nebraska so far," Gates said. "I am planning on taking visits to Arizona and Oregon in December. I don't know where I will take the other visit. I am considering all of the schools that have offered me for that last spot."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 12 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 14 years.
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