Dolphins, not Jets are this year's circus

The Miami Dolphins have officially opened up a can of worms after finger pointing and posturing are taking place from the ownership group to players and coaches. Find out how the mess in South Beach could have an impact across the NFL once it's all said and done.

This has been a strange couple of weeks with all this news in South Florida regarding the bullying of a second year player in Jonathan Martin as he has been terrorized by Richie Incognito as damage control is being enforced by head coach Joe Philbin every time he meets with the local media.

And while the NFL is conducting their investigation of this terrible situation, there should be some questions asked as to how and why this terrible moment had escalated and gotten this far without the coaching staff knowing what was happening.

Every single day you get reports that the coaching staff of the Miami Dolphins as well as the general manager has known about this because they wanted Martin to toughen up. For some reason Martin seemed to them that he was a soft player, or not mentally able to perform at an NFL level.

Well if that's the case then the rap sheet of Incognito should have been brought out as he was not the right guy to toughen Martin up. And when I mean a rap sheet, it's more about being a guy who shouldn't be considered to "TOUGHEN HIM UP" as Incognito was voted as the worst player in the NFL and his troubled past in college football.

Now I have no idea what is the standard protocol to running an NFL locker room, but what I do know is that this situation has been handled poorly and it's also sad to see some of the players in the Dolphins locker room defending Incognito when they should just try and handle it better like what Ryan Tannehill did with the Miami media.

But it also shows that these so-called leaders have allowed the chaos to get into an uncontrollable level and also allowed a so-called man to act like a childish and reckless piece of garbage, who shouldn't be allowed to play in this league ever again.

But the truth is that Jonathan Martin was supposed to trust his teammates everyday during training at the practice facility and on the field at home and on the road, and while it looks like Martin did break a code of conduct it seems he did it for the right reasons. To get his mental health back and try to play the game he loves.

While we know that Rex Ryan is boisterous and is a player's coach, you can tell that he truly cares about every single person on his roster and would never allow these types of disgusting acts to happen within the locker room. So I do hope Incognito does get the book thrown at him and those on the Dolphins' coaching staff that were aware of this lose their jobs, because they failed the number one rule from within and that's team harmony.

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