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Peyton Newell's high school career is over. This coming weekend he will be in Lincoln on his only official visit. What are Newell's thoughts about his senior year and the class that Nebraska is putting together?

Peyton Newell has always had his future to look forward to, but now with his senior football season behind him he is doing some reflecting. Newell says that Hiawatha (Kans.) took some steps forward this season.

"We did good," Newell said. "We didn't end up where we wanted to be, but we took steps through our career. I think that says a lot about us."

The 6-foot-4 and 280-pound Newell says that people really started to take note of him as a junior. However, he says that he noticed this year the offensive games plans accounting and scheming for him this year.

"My junior year was a really good year. That was when people knew about me, but they weren't aware that I could make the plays that I could make. I started to get double-teamed and stuff like that.

"My senior year was a big year. I started drawing triple-teamed and I could see offensive game plans that were really planning around me."

If you saw Newell's film as a junior you would have seen a stand up style like a hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker. At the next level Newell projects to have his hand in the dirt which he had a chance to do his senior year.

"Some of my best plays this year were in the three-point. We played a lot of double-tight teams. I played five and I had a blast there.

"I know a lot of people hesitate on me because I play stand-up in our defense. It was good to finally get to show people that I can play that way as well as I standup."

Newell missed the Michigan State game in Lincoln otherwise he has been in attendance for all of the other ones. He says that the recruiting class is tight and have a running group message between all of them.

"We actually have a group message between about eight of the recruits. We are always talking to each other. I can't have my phone in school and when I turned mine on today I had 168 text messages on one day from the group message.

"We are already giving each other crap, cracking jokes and you can just tell that this is going to be a tight group. We are all talking about the future, getting there this summer and getting started in Nebraska."

This next weekend Newell will take his official visit to Nebraska. He will be in town when at least two other defensive lineman will be there with him. Newell says that he speaks with all of the recruits when he's in town.

"I am definitely working on the whole class as a group," Newell said. "I think Luke Gifford, D.J. Foster and myself as some of the first commitments in the class and we are always in town we will make sure that we are talking to all of the recruits."

Newell is rated a four-star defensive tackle by However, looking at these stats you see a player that has consistently improved every year and has put together a five-star body of work over his four years at Hiawatha.

As a freshman, Newell had 44 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, five sacks, three forced fumbles and a blocked PAT. He added four receptions for 57 yards on offense.

Newell's sophomore year he improved to 76 tackles, 26 tackles for loss, six sacks, four forced fumbles, four blocked PATs and a blocked punt. Newell also caught 12 passes for 246 yards and three touchdowns.

His junior year he had 61 tackles, 37 tackles for loss, 10 sacks, five forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two blocked PATs, one blocked punt and a defensive touchdown. Again, Newell had offensive production adding 14 catches for 162 yards and three touchdowns.

Newell as a senior ended up with 76 tackles, 32 tackles for loss, 12 sacks, four forced fumbles, three fumbles recovered, two blocked PATs, one blocked PAT, one blocked punt and a defensive touchdown. He had seven receptions for 118 yards and a score.

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 12 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 14 years.
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