As Harvey sees it: The perfect storm

BRR publisher Josh Harvey says it was as if black clouds rolled into Lincoln - the perfect storm.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini reiterated he was not coaching on Friday to make a case for his job.

"If they want to fire me, go ahead. I believe in what I've done. I don't apologize for what I've done," said Pelini after a 38-17 loss to Iowa. "Our record since I've been here speaks for itself. This program's heading in a good direction. If you choose not to think so, that's your prerogative.'

Bold words for someone that appears to have so much to lose, as if Pelini was almost daring the Nebraska administration?

Coming into the game, I thought Pelini was safe – even with a loss to Iowa. Just 20 minutes after it, I have to admit I would be a bit surprised if he was back.

The perfect storm hit Lincoln on Friday afternoon.

A blowout loss that will linger for at least a month.

Sideline-antics worthy of

A failed press conference where Pelini called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on himself "chicken s***."

Pelini has won 57 games over six seasons in Lincoln – a 9.5 wins per season average.

"Where I'm from, Boulder (Co.), are you kidding? If they had a nine-win football season, they would be ecstatic," said receiver Kenny Bell after the game defending his coach.

Newsflash – this isn't Boulder.

I'm not a Boliever. I'm also not one calling for his head. Crucify me because I won't take a side. I can see it both ways.

I tend to feel the Huskers' production on-the-field has been enough for him to get another year, especially considering the injuries Nebraska has faced.

But I also tend to think on-the-field production isn't everything.

What I do know is something has to give. The status quo has to change. The pressures of the Nebraska job got to Bo on Friday. The boat tipped. The question now is – can it be saved?

"All I know is that myself, the staff, the people associated with this program since I've been here can look at themselves in the mirror and feel good about what they've done," said Pelini, who has yet to hear of a timetable regarding his coaching evaluation with athletic director Shawn Eichorst. "I don't concern myself with that. You guys can concern yourself with that… That's not my decision, so why are you asking me the question? Talk to somebody else."

Pelini's contract runs through 2017, with a buyout expected to be around $7.5 million. If Nebraska decided to make a change, it would be the third head coach Nebraska has turned to since Frank Solich was fired in 2003 – almost exactly ten years ago.

"You guys have chosen to make a story of it all year," said Pelini on his status. "It's impacted our football team. It's hurt our football team. Let's call a spade a spade."

Bo's right. It has been a story the entire year. But it's hardly the media's fault.

Championship droughts, bad recruiting classes, a leaked audio-tape, and blowout losses are to blame here.

Oh yeah, there's always this as well…

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Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for FOX Sports/ since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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