Michigan post: Terran Petteway

The sophomore talks about the Huskers final minutes against Michigan.

On the last shot of the game:
"Like Coach [Tim Miles] said, it was supposed to be a ball screen with no help, but I guess they were all sagging off. It was like a bang-bang play, but all I was thinking about was getting to the rim. I made that layup five times before that and missed the game one. It kind of hurt. It's the worst feeling letting your teammates down at the last second when we could have won a game against Michigan."

On Michigan's half court shot at the end of the first half:
"We weren't worried about it. They were playing a good half. They took the lead by a last-second half-court shot, so we weren't too worried about that. We stuck to the game plan and fought hard to the end."

On Michigan taking the lead in their last offensive possession:
"It was a miscommunication by me. I should have switched on Tai [Webster]. That wasn't his fault. I should have switched. I messed up and [Michigan] got the and-one. It was just miscommunication, really."

On if there was any sense of victory after coming off a loss at Ohio State:
"You could say that, but we all don't like losing. Even though we lost by one to Michigan, it still hurts. It's just not a good feeling. I don't want to lose to anyone, really. We should have won the game. We can salvage this as a loss and move on to Purdue."

On if he gained confidence throughout the game:
"Coach and my teammates just told me to keep driving the ball. They knew I was struggling. I was struggling hard in the first half. They just told me to keep going to the rack. Coach threw up some plays for me in the second half that kind of helped us get a little momentum going. He just told me to keep driving, keep driving. That's what I did and the shots were following."

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