The Huskers have a night to remember

Nebraska showed on Monday night they are no longer an easy win for anyone in the Big Ten Conference.


LINCOLN, Neb. - Critics will say the Buckeyes have lost four in a row.

Don't be fooled.

Nebraska's 68-62 upset win over No. 15 ranked Ohio State on Monday night was big.

Program changing?

Probably not.

Big nonetheless.

It's the type of game where a young team starts to grow up.

Head coach Tim Miles is 24-26 in just a season and a half at the helm. His win column is likely to surpass the loss column in the future. Maybe not this year, but very soon.

"It was a really cool moment," said Miles. I'm really happy for our guys to be a part of that. They have done a lot of work. There has been a lot of frustration."

The Huskers were 8-8 coming into Monday night, winless in the Big Ten. They will wake up on Tuesday morning with everyone in the conference's attention – Nebraska isn't an easy W any longer.

Miles was asked after the game if he felt like this team was starting to fall apart coming into Monday - in the midst of a five game losing streak.

"No," said a quick answering smiling Miles. "I've been 0-16. I've lost a lot worse than this. I don't worry about these guys unraveling. I don't worry about this team unraveling. This is a tough league. This is a difficult thing we're involved in.

"Your second year there is not necessarily an automatic incremental increase. You just can't guarantee that. We have talked about it all year. It's a process. We have so many newcomers. We are still relatively young."

Over the weekend I was asked by two different people if I thought Miles' seat was getting warm – then again on Monday before the game.

My answer was a laughing no each time.

The reason why? What Miles touches he makes better. 22 months isn't enough time.

I think the most impressive thing on Monday was how the Huskers won. Up 34-20 at one point in the game, Ohio State came back, eventually taking a lead early in the second half.

Nebraska weathered the storm. It wouldn't have been something this team could do last year or even early this season.

"The coaches kind of kept us together and kept us upbeat," said forward Terran Petteway, who scored 18 points against the Buckeyes. "They just told us to stay with it. Stay with it. We are young. That isn't an excuse, but they just told us to stay with it. That's what everybody did. We got the win. I guess Ohio State is a good team."

Yes they are Terran, yes they are.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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