Columbus CB Jakub walking on at Nebraska

Nebraska is nailing down the recruiting class for 2014 and also it's walk-on class as well. Cameron Jakub from Columbus (Nebr.) chose an opportunity to walk-on at Nebraska over an offer to play at a smaller school out of state.

Cameron Jakub from Columbus (Nebr.) had a decision to make, take the money or chase the dream. Jakub chose to chase the dream so it goes for so many kids from the state of Nebraska and their pursuit to be a Husker.

"I got the offer to walk-on at Nebraska on Sunday when I was there on a visit," Jakub said. "I took two days for me to accept their offer.

"I was either going to go to Nebraska and walk-on or I was going to take an offer to Morningside. I also had an offer to Taylor in Hillsboro, Kans."

Jakub's film is fun to watch. He has a lot of ability on the offensive side of the football as a quarterback, but you can see that he could be put to good use on the defensive side as well.

"Nebraska said that they like me as a cornerback. That is fine with me. I will play wherever they want me to that gets me on the field quickest. They are also short on cornerbacks right now."

You can also see from Jakub's film a player with outstanding speed. He definitely mentions speed first when it comes to his strengths on the football field and he also credits his time at quarterback as he settles in on defense at Nebraska.

"I would probably have to say my speed. I run the 40-yard dash in 4.4-seconds. I would also say understanding the defense. It helps because I play quarterback on offense."

The decision obviously came down to chasing a dream. It was a dream that either took place in Lincoln or at a smaller school in another state. Still, he said that beyond the field the academic support also sealed the deal.

"My father and I really like the academic support that Nebraska offers their players," Jakub said. "It was great to know that I can get that help."

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