Down to Two?

Clinton, Mississippi All-Star Grant Harris is one of the top available prospects in the state of Mississippi. Signing day is just over a week away and Harris is still considering his options. The talented big man was scheduled to take three official visits to his final three of Louisville, Mississippi State and Southern Miss, but it appears one of those schools may be dropping from contention.

Grant Harris profile

"I may not be visiting Southern Miss this weekend," said Harris. "I am just not sure if I am going to take the visit.

"I will probably decide for sure about taking the visit on Thursday.

"Southern Miss is still saying how much they want me and how they really want me to be a part of the class.

"We may have some family business to deal with this weekend, so I may not be taking that visit now.".

Last weekend, Harris took an all expense trip to Louisville to see what Coach Bobby Petrino and his staff have planed for the future.

"It was a good visit," said Harris. "They are talking about me playing defensive end and about how much they want to get me up there.

"I enjoyed getting to see the campus and meet the coaches."

Harris reports that he has been in touch with Mississippi State defensive line coach David Turner a good bit recently.

"Coach Turner is still just being Coach Turner," said Harris with a chuckle. "He keeps it real with me and he's telling me that I need to be up there at Mississippi State.

"He's telling me that he wants me to come up there and play for him."

While Southern Miss is still a potential contender, Harris appears to be shifting his focus to a battle of two, Louisville and Mississippi State.

"I am trying to compare both of them and figure out which one is the best place for me," said Harris. "I am just thinking about everything and I am going to decide pretty soon, but I am going to make my final decision on signing day."

The three star defensive lineman plans to make the call at Clinton High School in front of friends and family.

Harris reports that his family are a big part of his considerations.

"I know my family is going to support me no matter what I decide," said Harris. "My dad and I have always been close and he just wants me to be happy with my decision.

"I am excited about everything and I am looking forward to signing day."

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