Recruiting in the Sunshine State

After landing multiple prospects again this year, Nebraska isn't likely to be leaving the Sunshine State anytime soon in recruiting.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Some would say former quarterback Tommie Frazier is the best player to ever wear the N on his chest at the University of Nebraska.

This is not our focus today. Let's save the debate for the dog days of summer with nothing going on.

The reason to bring Frazier up is because he is a former Florida prepster, a state Nebraska signed two players from just nearly a week ago.

By snagging two from the Sunshine State, the Huskers in back-to-back years and the third time in the last four, landed multiple prospects from Florida.

Texas might produce more D-1 players, but Florida is right behind them. If you can have success there, you can win football games with the talent on your roster.

"I think we've always had good perception down there," said Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini. "Even when you go down into Miami, you look at over long periods of time these parents. The parents of these kids, they grew up watching Nebraska play in all those Orange Bowls. That's what I mean, they are so many different dynamics involved.

"It's a different day in age in the kids you're recruiting. How up to speed they are as to what is really going on in college football today and how familiar they are with all the different schools and all the things that are going on. There's some education, from our standpoint that needs to go on, as far as educating them about Nebraska, and other people are really fully aware about what our program is all about. The challenges are different per kid. Every kid you come across has its unique aspects to it."

If you are Nebraska, recruiting the state of Florida does have its challenges.

"The distance thing is always a real issue," said Peilni. "With some kids it doesn't make a difference and for some kids it's a lot bigger deal. A lot of times, it's the dynamics of the family that you're talking to and what they want for their child and what they've been exposed to in their life.

"That's why, in a perfect world, you'd like to sign a full class within 500 miles of this campus, it would be a lot easier. I think heading into this next year, every year as far as that's concerned, it's going to be a little bit different."

Nebraska already has four players committed in the 2015 class, with three of them from within the 500-mile radius. But as the Huskers continues to land high-profile guys in Florida, for example 2014 quarterback Zack Darlington, it's unlikely the Huskers will be leaving the Sunshine State anytime soon.

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