Illinois post: Shavon Shields

After pouring in 33 points in a win over Illinois, Shavon Shields talked with the local media about the Huskers improving to 13-10 on the year.

On being aggressive on offense:
"Part of the bad start was on me. I think [Illinois] scored like 5 or 8 points on me. Coach was on me and I just said I need to make up for it. I just attacked and got to the rim. I hit a couple threes and a couple free throws and that got me going."

On his second-half injury:
"I banged knees with the other guy. When I hurt my knee earlier in the year, it was kind of the same thing. It feels good now."

On if he was "in the zone":
"I was just being aggressive. I really fed off my teammates. Benny Parker came out and had a huge game tonight. He got ball pressure going. David Rivers got us great minutes and rebounded well for us. Besides a few mistakes as a unit, we kind of came together and really got it going. After that, when our defense got going, our offense kinda fed off that."

On his offensive efficiency:
"I was just playing off my teammates. They did a good job finding me and executing plays for me. I've got to give it to them for putting me in positions for me to be successful." On his parents being at the game:
"I hope they love me regardless of if I have a good night or a bad night."

On the magnitude of the win as a team:
"It's big. We just need to keep staying together, keep protecting the home court and start getting big wins on the road."

On the team's season-to-season progress :
"The coaches are doing a good job bringing in good guys that can help us win and are about the team. We're really coming together. We just need to keep it rolling."

Quotes courtesy of the Nebraska media relations department ***

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