Hockaday planning some visits

Jack Hockaday from Maroa (Ill.) Maroa-Forsythe will be one of the top players in the midlands region in 2015. He has a few trips set up for the month of March. Where will he be headed?

Maroa (Ill.) Maroa-Forsythe athlete Jack Hockaday has some visits coming up. The 6-foot-0 and 200-pound Hockaday will be making a couple of return visits and then will also see a school that he's never been to before.

"I have three visits set up right now," Hockaday said. "In March I am headed to Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. After that I am not really sure where I will go that will depend who comes in.

"I have been to Iowa before in the past; three or four times. I have been to Illinois too. I haven't been to Nebraska before mostly because it's so far away."

The first trip to Nebraska for Hockaday has him excited to see a few specific things. He says that he really wants to get to know the people and see how things work between the coaches and the players.

"I just want to see what Nebraska is all about. I want to get to meet the coaches, see what they coach like and meet some of the players."

Hockaday feels that his best position at the next level will be outside linebacker. He doesn't feel like there are any match-up issues and that he can also support the run and the blitz the passer.

"I think that the best fit for me in college is outside linebacker," Hockaday said. "It's really my natural position. I feel like I can guard a tight end, the slot or a running back. I can also stop the run and blitz the quarterback."

Hockaday is really working on the physical side of the game. He feels like he understands what he needs to do, but you can always be more physically prepared.

"I just need to get bigger, faster and stronger. I have been around the game for a long time and I understand it. I just need to become a better athlete."

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