Holtorf setting up visits

There are a number of in-state players jockeying for an offer from the Huskers. One is two-way lineman Adam Holtorf from Seward (Nebr.). Holtorf has some visit plans set up, but not one to Nebraska quite yet.

Adam Holtorf from Seward (Nebr.) is a 6-foot-5 and 265-pound, two-way lineman that is grabbing some D-I recruiting attention. Holtorf is starring right now in another sport for Seward though.

"I am playing basketball," Holtorf said. "We are only about two or three games above .500. We have had an up and down season, but we are playing well getting ready to go into districts.

"I play center and it really started out more as an enforcer type of role in the middle. Since the Christmas break though I have started to become more of a scorer."

When basketball ends he will go into a third sport and will also work in some off-season workouts as well.

"I am a three season athlete. I throw shot and discus as well in track. I do football workouts on the weekend, work out in Lincoln, and do both at the same time."

Holtorf is thinking about his senior football season already and knows what he wants to work on. He's watched the film and he knows where he wants to improve.

"I definitely want to work on my footwork and my hands. On defense, I need to work on better pass rush technique. I relied too much on the bull rush last season and I need to do some more rip and swim technique."

Holtorf plays on both sides of the ball, but says that one stands out more to him than the other. He is open to playing both at the next level and says that effort is one of the things that stands out for him on both sides of the ball.

"Personally, I like defense more than I like offense. At the same time if college coaches are telling me something other than that then I am going to listen what they have to say.

"On defense, I think that my physical strength and my mobility are what I do best with effort and motor. On offense, it's the same thing as on defense with giving effort. That really distinguishes me from other players."

Holtorf had to decline a couple of junior day invitations. He is planning on getting to both of those schools, but they are getting in line now because Holtorf is setting up a number of visits to other schools.

"Nebraska and Wisconsin had their junior days on the same day, February 1. I missed them both because of basketball. I am trying to reschedule both of those trips.

"I got invited to the Kansas State junior day on March 8th. I just got off the phone with the Oklahoma State coaches and I am hoping to get there for their junior day on February 23rd.

"I was also invited to Wyoming on January 8th. I have registered though with Kansas State so I am going there. I also have a combine in Little Rock on March 15th and I am not really sure on summer camp plans."

There are some dates that Nebraska want to bring in Holtorf and others, but he would like to get in before those times. Rescheduling the visit to Nebraska has been difficult to do. When he has had a chance it hasn't worked out with Nebraska and vice versa.

"I have been talking to Nebraska and they have been throwing out coming for the spring game and Big Red Weekend which will be the weekend after summer camp is over. I am actually trying to schedule something before the spring game.

"I talk with Coach Barney Cotton about visiting Lincoln and we have been working on some dates. He throws one out and I have a conflict and then one I can do he can't. I am trying to get one set up soon so I can get down there."

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 12 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 14 years.
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