Sweet talks about Husker offer

Jacksonville (Flor.) First Coast offensive lineman William Sweet is nearing a double-digit offer total and is taking some visits while planning some others. Where did he just return from and where is he headed?

William Sweet from Jacksonville (Flor.) First Coast brings a football mentality to the basketball floor. Fortunately for his opponents, First Coast's season is over and Sweet is not in an off-season.

"We just finished with basketball," Sweet said. "I play the four or the five in basketball. I am really out there to scare people trying to score. It's fun. I have five fouls. I don't take them home with me."

Sweet has some focus for his off-season training. He wants to work on his explosiveness. Along with becoming more explosive he also wants to get stronger.

"I am going into the off-season and I am ready to start training. I am working on some things. I really want to be more explosive. I want to get stronger mentally and physically too."

There have been a couple of trips that Sweet has taken, the recent this past week, and the next is this coming weekend. Sweet also has some other trips past this weekend and he says that there will likely be a summer camp with his team as well.

"I have been to the North Carolina junior day. It was a fun trip. I just got back from junior day at Georgia this weekend. I am going to the junior day at Florida next weekend. On March 22nd I am going to junior day at UCF.

"Besides those junior day plans I don't have anything else planned. I am not sure about summer camps yet. We travel to summer camp as a team and try to compete to get better as a team."

Sweet is a 6-foot-7 and 275-pound offensive lineman that have people thinking book-end tackle down the road. Sweet is young to the game and his best days of playing the game are definitely in front of him.

"All of the college teams like me as a left tackle," Sweet said. "I don't just see myself as an offensive lineman though. I will do whatever the team needs me to do.

"If they need me to kick, give me a ball and teach me how to do it. This is my fifth year playing the game. My mom didn't want me playing at a younger age. I really started playing basketball."

The head coach was through First Coast in the winter and was by to see Sweet. Sweet says that he was comfortable with the coach from Nebraska and likes the tradition of the Huskers.

"I talked to the head coach from Nebraska, he came up to our school, and it's not often that you see a head coach at your school. I like the tradition at Nebraska. I am comfortable with the coach."

Sweet is claiming offers from Washington State, Purdue, Miami, Nebraska, Wake Forest, Cincinnati and North Carolina.

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Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 12 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 14 years.
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