Wisconsin post: Bo Ryan

Badgers head coach Bo Ryan talks about the Huskers win over his squad.

On keeping Nebraska out of the lane?:
"Well, we took the lane away a lot in the second half, unless I'm reading these (stats) wrong and unless I need to get $2 glasses. We made an improvement in second half points, in the paint and fourteen of those free-throws came at the end when we were fouling to try and get on the lefthand side."

On Wisconsin's missed free-throws?:
"Yeah, we missed a few in there."

On the crowd's influence?:
"We were at Virginia when they had maybe 18 thousand, and we've played at Ohio State. These guys have all played in pretty big places. This is the Big Ten. Have you ever been to the other places? Or do they just keep you here? Do you get to travel? Some people do local TV and don't go to the other Big Ten games."

On the new environment?:
"It's not new to us. You'd have to live the lives these guys live, going into the places we go into."

On Wisconsin's 40-32 second-half lead?:
"Well, we hit some shots and they regrouped and shut down some things. Then they hit some shots. Playing from behind, we had a couple chances there. We were biting into their lead and we missed a few free-throws, as you said. The guys kept playing hard, though."

On defending Shavon Shields:
"Well, you can simulate what some guys do in practice, but we had a couple guys who just didn't shut some things down on the angles. Once it gets started, a guy feels he can do anything. It's like some of our guys. If you let them get started, they can make some really good things happen. It's a team defensive thing. But they've done it to other people, so it's not like we're the first team to come in here and not stop certain guys."

On the loss affecting Wisconsin's hunt for a number-one seed:
"I don't even know what that is. I don't even know what you're talking about. You guys don't know me. The number one seed for what? We're the number two seed in the Big Ten Tournament. That's the only thing I know."

On Nebraska being NCAA-Tournament worthy:
"Well, sure. That's not even a question in my mind when you play like that in this league. I remember when we were picked last and we tied for the championship. There were still people to the end, until we won our last couple games, like, 'Do you think you'll make the tournament?' We're trying to win the Big Ten. Tim (Miles) was telling me about all the questions you were asking him. All Tim wanted to do was win this 40 minutes. He's like me. Live in the moment. That's how you get to last this long. Tim's young, but he'll last a long time because he's got the right approach. He's got a sense of humor and he's competitive. We could be brothers in another life."

On Sam Dekker settling for difficult shots:
"You know, I never pick apart a player in a press conference. He's got things to work on like a lot of our other guys. You'd have to ask him."

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