Armstrong approaching the spring as starter

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Tommy Armstrong says he feels after two practices he's the No. 1 guy.

LINCOLN, Neb. - With eight starts and a Gator Bowl win to his name, Nebraska redshirt sophomore Tommy Armstrong is the Huskers No. 1 quarterback this spring.

It hasn't changed his approach.

"I feel it's my position, but anything can be lost. I take it that way every day," said Armstrong. "Every day is a competition. Anything can happen. Last year, my number was called. This year, I am the number one guy right now and I just want to keep that, but like I said before anything can happen. If I don't play the right way or practice the right way, my spot can be taken away at anytime.

"That's a major key right now. Just staying in the film room and understanding the playbook," said Armstrong. "Just becoming a student of the game and getting better."

Armstrong's enters the spring with multiple quarterbacks biting at his heels: redshirt freshman Johnny Stanton, redshirt sophomore Ryker Fyfe, and even senior wide receiver Jamal Turner.

With limited experience under center, the Nebraska coaching staff has tweaked the offense and terminology, in hopes to simplify the offense for Armstrong and other signal-callers.

"We have a bunch of young guys and last year we had a bunch of complicated stuff and we were just thinking too hard," stated Armstrong. "When it comes to being a leader and going out there and making plays, it's tough like that. But this year, we want to simplify things and make sure we are all on the same page and have receivers thinking one thing and quarterbacks thinking one thing. It's really easy."

More to come on Armstrong from Big Red Report in the coming day.


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