As Harvey sees it: Nebraska still dancing

Friday's Nebraska loss shouldn't mean anything regarding their NCAA tournament chances.

As I sat at McKinney's Irish Pub in Lincoln watching Nebraska's 18-point lead against Ohio State disappear, I couldn't help but think of Shane Falco.

Yes, your about to see a pretty bad football comedy movie clip.

13:45 – NEB. up 18

12:40 – NEB. up 13

11:52 – NEB. up 9

10:05 – NEB. up 8

7:40 – NEB. up 6

6:50 – NEB. up 4

4:42 – NEB. up 2

1:52 – tied ball game

Only difference is, I don't think the Huskers were in over their heads. A little inexperienced maybe, but Nebraska showed the nation on Friday they have what it takes to beat anyone on a given day.

"I think our inexperience in being in a game of that magnitude, that high caliber, where you've got to just fight it out definitely hurt us," said Miles. "Hopefully, it's something we don't re-create. Hopefully, it's not a symptom of something that's a larger problem, that it was just one of those experiences that we weren't quite ready for. It's hard to replicate in practice."

After the game, as I read through comments on the Big Red Report Red Zone, I started to think what had gone wrong?

Was it the moment?

Was it Ohio State's pressure?

Was it a tightly called contest that hurt Nebraska because of their depth?

Was it just talent? Did Nebraska just not have the horses to beat the Buckeyes?

Whatever it might be, it doesn't really matter. We can debate it all offseason. What matter is Nebraska is likely going dancing next week. They have earned it. Losing by four points to one of the nation's Top 25 teams shouldn't change that.

"I think we're a tournament team," said Miles. "I think we're a team good enough to win in the tournament. I mean, you just look at our body of work -- and even, we lost to Illinois who was playing lights-out and just lost to a great Michigan team. And other than that, we haven't lost many games recently in the past two months.

"I know that early we weren't the team we are now, but I know they have to consider your full body of work."

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