Press conference: Nebraska players

On Thursday, sophomore Terran Petteway and Shavon Shields talked with the media in San Antonio.

Q. Terran, did you expect the culture to change at Nebraska as quickly as it did when you decided to transfer from Texas Tech?

Terran Petteway: I did, but it wasn't all because of me. It was because of the coaching staff we've got. Those guys, the things they do day-in and day-out, even though they have families, they still dedicate a lot of time to us and to the program and to our players too. So I did expect it.

Q. What made you think that things would change as fast as they did?

TERRAN PETTEWAY: When I first got there, it was like everybody was willing to work. There was nobody that did not like working or did not like having workouts. We would always call coaches for extra workouts, extra practices, extra shooting, anything we could do to get better. Once I seen that, I knew it was going to be good. It was just a matter of when.

Q. Terran, what's it like for you to come home? Is it a pretty cool experience for you?

TERRAN PETTEWAY: I've got family coming Friday, so it's going to be fun, real fun.

Q. Shavon, I wonder if you could talk about the challenge of Baylor's zone defense and how you're going to have to try to shoot them out of it tomorrow?

Shavon Shields: Yeah, they're super long and sitting back in that zone. They've got a bunch of long athletes who are really talented. So we've got to get it inside. Can't settle for jumpers and just kind of work it inside and be aggressive.

Q. Terran, I wonder if you can go through how you ended up at Nebraska. What happened at Texas Tech that made you decide you wanted to leave, and who recruited you up there that kind of stuff?

TERRAN PETTEWAY: Things didn't go well for me at Tech. I don't want to get too much into it. I moved on from it. The reason I went to Nebraska is because Coach Miles and Coach Smith were one of the first coaches that recruited me out of high school at Colorado State. So once I put in my request to transfer, they were the first people I called. I asked, did they still want me to play for them. They said yeah, and there was no more talking after that. I went to Nebraska, signed my letter of intent, and that's how it got done.

Q. Now that you guys are here, what do you guys do to handle the moment of an event like this and just keep guys focused in your role as team captains?

SHAVON SHIELDS: I just think enjoy the moment and stay in the moment because you don't know if it's going to come again. So just stay relaxed and don't blow it up more than it has to be blown up. At the end of the day, it's just another game that we need to prepare for and execute in order to win.

TERRAN PETTEWAY: I think like what he said, we ought to treat it like another game. It's the NCAA Tournament and our first time being here. But we've still got to treat it like another game. Because if you get overhyped and think about it too much, that's when you start messing up on game planning and your overall play. So we've got to be calm and do what we do every day.

Q. Wanted to ask real quick, what are you guys doing-- because I know you're in the tournament and it's really serious. What are you doing to stay relaxed and stay chilled out?

TERRAN PETTEWAY: Really we've got a lot of jokesters on the team, so we've been cracking jokes a lot. So we're trying to do what we do every away game. Not trying to take it too serious. Everybody's not all serious on the plane and all serious on the bus; we're still having fun.

SHAVON SHIELDS: He pretty much hit it. We haven't really changed anything from our normal road routine. So it hasn't really hit me yet that we're at the NCAA Tournament.

Q. Obviously it's well-chronicled that Nebraska has never won an NCAA Tournament game before. I wonder if you could just talk about what it would mean to the program if you were able to be successful while you're here?

TERRAN PETTEWAY: It's another step forward to where we want to be. We've already made the tournament. Now getting wins in the tournament, like making a deep run, that's pushing forward where we want to be for the program.

SHAVON SHIELDS: Yeah, it's really big. I don't think a lot of people thought we were going to be in this position this fast. So for us, I just kind of think we're learning as we go on. We just need to execute in order to win. I don't think we're really putting pressure on ourselves to win, because we weren't a part of the program for the first hundred years or so. This is just our time in the program, and we want to put a mark on it.

Q. For Shavon, Baylor had to win 10 of 12 to make sure they get in the tournament. I think you guys finished strong winning 8 of the last 10. What have you taken from having to play kind of play off postseason basketball for the last several weeks?

SHAVON SHIELDS: I think we just focused on what we needed to do and what we can control. That's really allowed us to go on this run. I don't think we put a ton of pressure on ourselves like we have to win this game. We have to win this game. It was more if we play hard, play together, play for each other and play unselfish, I think we'll be all right. That's kind of what led us to go on the run.

Q. You've played against Brady Heslip a couple years ago. What do you remember about him and how dangerous is he?

TERRAN PETTEWAY: Really, he's one of the best shooters in the country. He's shooting over 47% and he shot over 200 threes. I don't know anybody else that's doing that. He's a pretty good shooter. I remember playing him as a freshman. He was a good shooter then, and he still is now. We've just got to get to him and try to contain him on those three-point shots.

Q. You made an interesting comment there about people maybe not expecting you to be this far along in the transformation. Does that give you a little bit of relaxation? Maybe doesn't make the pressure as much that you guys were in here playing with house money?

SHAVON SHIELDS: Not really. I don't think we look at it like that. We just kind of look at it as we're a team trying to play together and win games. I don't think it should be like blown out of proportion like that. We're just trying to execute and win.

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