Transcripts: The locker room

Ray Gallegos and Leslee Smith talk with the media after the Huskers 14-point loss to Baylor.

Ray Gallegos, G, Sr.

On what went wrong today … "We got off to a slow start and we got frustrated. It is tough to come back from that especially against a team like Baylor. They controled the tempo well and they get a lead and they know how to keep it. That is what they did tonight."

On Head Coach Tim Miles getting ejected … "That was my first time to experience something like that as a player. When that happened we just tried to stay together. We got in the huddle and said we had to play for each other. We just came up short unfortunately. The assistants did a good job and they could be head coaches as well. We trust them as much as we do Coach Miles."

On the run at the end of the game … "We made a little run but just need some defensive stops. We gambled and left some guys open and they made plays."

On the being a senior and playing in last game … "This group of guys are an awesome group and I will remember that. It is like a brotherhood for us. Everyone gets along so well and so I will just mostly miss the guys."

On the program going forward … "They are a young talented team and next year I would expect them to go further than this in the tournament. With those returning and the recruits coming in they will be good."

Leslee Smith, G, Jr.

On what went wrong today …
"I think we got nervous about attacking them and how it was going to be hard to finish over them and we let that get to us early. We should have just kept attacking them."

On Coach Miles being ejected …
"That was the first time that has happened all year and was very unexpected. It was a miscommunication there but we didn't let that effect us as we knew there was a lot of things not going our way. We just tried to finish the game strong."

On Assistant Coach Craig Smith taking over …
"Coach Smith is a really good coach and could be a head coach at any program, so I think he handled it well. We responded well by not being worried about Coach Miles being kicked out of the game. We listened to him, did what he said and we started playing better."

On the season …
"This has been a great season for myself and my teammates. I have never been apart of something like this along with some of my fellow teammates, so this is a really big deal for us and I really appreciate being here."

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