Patchan planning visit to Nebraska

Nebraska already has a solid class going on the defensive side of the football for 2015. Two defensive tackles to go along with two cornerbacks and Nebraska is looking for a defensive end like Scott Patchan to join them in the class.

Tampa (Flor.) Freedom defensive end Scott Patchan is getting ready for spring ball. The 6-foot-5 and 228-pound Patchan is doing work both on the defensive and offensive side of the ball to prepare for his senior season.

"We are doing team workouts right now," Patchan said. "That's mainly 7-on-7, individual workouts like conditioning and X's and O's. I am doing wide receiver and tight end in 7-on-7 because I will play some offense this year. I am looking forward to it."

Patchan has a long frame and wanted to fill out a little more in the off-season. There is a need to get tougher up front to stop some of teh long plays that the Freedom High School defense allowed last year.

"I really wanted to put on more weight, muscle-wise and really become more dominant. I want to prove that I am a complete defensive player. We allowed a lot of big plays last year. Up front, if we're dominant like we can be it will give teams a hard time making those big plays this year."

The question with defensive ends is where do they see playing at the next level? Are they an odd-front or even-front player? Strongside or weakside? Patchan says that he's done it all, he's even played some nose guard, and will play where the coaches want him.

"I'm more comfortable as a five out to a wide nine. I was a four in a 3-5 defense. I also played nose guard when I was a sophomore. I plan to do whatever and play wherever the college coaches want me to."

Patchan says that he's sure he is over 20 offers now, but says that he's not favoring any of the schools necessarily. He admits he has some ties to some schools through his father as well as an offer from the schools of his favorite player.

"I am pretty sure that I have 23 total offer and I don't have any favorites," Patchan said. "A few schools I have some ties to. My dad played for Miami and I like Wisconsin because J.J. Watt is my idol. I really want to play the game just like he does."

There are some visits coming up to some nearby schools for Patchan. He says that he will also take a summer trip with his family to see some of the other schools that are further away that he is interested in.

"I will probably go down to USF and check them out. Miami is just down the road from me so I will visit them. I will also visit Florida State because it's close. I am also planning on taking a road trip with my dad to see some other schools that I like this summer."

Patchan's father is familiar with Nebraska. He was at Miami from 1983-1986 so he saw one of the best teams Nebraska has ever put on the field. The Huskers are trying to get back to that level and Patchan says that Nebraska will likely get a visit from him and his family this summer.

"There is a lot of tradition in Lincoln," Patchan said. "They play in a powerhouse conference and they are trying to get back to that level that they were at in the 80s and 90s. Nebraska is likely a school I will visit this summer with my family."

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