Mail time: Ask the N-Siders (3-31-14)

"Ask the N-Siders" is back. Make sure to look for your opportunity to ask anything you want regarding Nebraska athletics.

On the Nebraska football chart who has the fastest times? -redhunter

That is a great question and one I can't answer probably at the moment. I will make sure to ask around this week. Nathan Gerry has to be likely on the list. He was a 10.3 in the 100m guy in high school. Others who I'm guessing would be on the list: Kenny Bell, Alonzo Moore, and Josh Mitchell.

In every interview on TV they say how the offense is changing. How is it changing? - hardhuskerfan

To be honest the offense isn't changing to the point that you are going to see the triple option or the Run and Shoot, more than anything it seems to be simpler. Multiple offensive players have talked about the terminology being easier to understand. I think you have to do that when you have a younger quarterback and so many new faces. To the average person, next year's offense won't really look that much different that in 2013, although it might have a slightly bigger dose of running back. Why not though when you have a possible Heisman candidate and a sophomore quarterback. I also think that there might be a bigger focus on trying to get as many weapons on the field as possible. It would explain why they gave a guy like Jamal Turner some reps at quarterback.

Josh and Bryan, who do you think is the best player in the class right now? - HuskerMikeGBR

Josh – I love what Eric Lee brings to the table and throw in the fact that he's at a position of need and you have possibly the star of the class. He's got tremendous ball skills and loves to make a big hit. He's the type of guy fans will love because he's got some decent speed and can make the big play.

Bryan - I am going to go with Carlos Davis because I like the athleticism and intensity that he brings to the table. You are talking about a sub-4.8 guy which makes him difficult to reach for offensive lineman, he's a little shorter so leverage comes naturally for him and have I mentioned that he's athletic? He can really push the pocket around and you can see a guy that is stocky enough to play as a three-technique and could, in some sets, even head out to defensive end mainly as a four in an odd-man front. Carlos kind of reminds me a little bit of Steve Warren.

I show only ten available slots for this next year's recruiting class, five of which are now filled, what are you showing? - 1949TACKLE

(21) True freshman: Akinmoladun, Brown, Bush, Darlington, Farmer, Foster, Gates, Gifford, Harrison, Irons, Jones, Kalu, King, Mosley, Newell, Pierson-El, Stoltenberg, Tolbert, Walton, Wilbon, Wills.

(13) Redshirt freshman: Gladney, Hannon, Hart, Johnson, Joseph, Knevel, Love, Martinez, Natter, Newby, Singleton, Stanton, Taylor.

(17) Sophomore: Alexander, Armstrong, Banderas, Carter, Collins, Cotton, Gerry, Maurice, McMullen, Miller, Moore, Newby, Rose, Thurston, Valentine, Westerkamp, Whitaker.

(20) Junior: Allen, Bondi, Cockrell, Cross, Curry, Davie, Finnin, Gregory, Jackson, Janovich, Keels, Kondolo, Pirman, Price, Reeves, Rose, Santos, Sterup, Sutton, Williams

(10) Senior: Abdullah, Anderson, Bell, Cooper, Cotton, Evans, Mitchell, Moudy, Pelini, Turner.

It's very possible I'm wrong, but I'm reading 81 current scholarship players. I would have to think that juniors Alex Lewis and Sam Burtch each get one going into next season; means the list grows to 83.

By that math, it gives Nebraska 12 scholarships to give away in the 2015 class. BUT, it's so hard to project out a number 10 months before National Signing Day. Nobody would have guessed Nebraska could have taken a near full class last year.

The Huskers can over-sign by three and I wouldn't be surprised to see some attrition after this semester. We also in the next few weeks should get a better idea if any of the true freshman are for sure not going to make it academically. Larenzo Stewart is already one guy who is no longer counting towards the numbers.

What is (Alex) Lewis showing that is good? – Redhunter

The kid has a good motor and really seems to love the moments he gets lined up against Randy Gregory. He's not the type to back down and the two have made each other probably better this spring. Lewis was a bit on the small side coming out of high school, which hurt his recruitment. It's probably left a chip on his shoulder. He also has BCS level starting experience, which is something the current Nebraska offensive line is missing.

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