Frantz picks up a big offer

Nebraska has been incredibly active in the Midlands region and with one offensive lineman from the state of Kansas in the bag -- Christian Gaylord -- could Nebraska offer another?

Scott Frantz from Lawrence (Kans.) Free State High School had been a basketball player playing football. The 6-foot-6 and 280-pound Frantz took basketball season off to really start focusing on playing football his senior year and beyond.

"I have typically played basketball," Frantz said. "I am just focusing on football though and didn't play this past year. We can't hold spring practices, but after school we do speed and strength training. Three times a week I go to a personal trainer and he has helped me a lot."

Perfection is unattainable when you are tough on yourself and your abilities. Frantz admits that he is, but it keeps him sharp and working hard on becoming the best possible player that he can be.

"I'm definitely my biggest critic. I had to get a lot stronger in the off-season. I had knee surgery before my junior year and I have been working on that a lot. Flexibility is something I need to work more on.

"I wanted to add weight and I have added 30 to 40 pounds since football season and it's good weight. I also wanted to work on leverage."

Frantz's height might indicate that he could be playing at the inside spots at the next level. He thinks that his best position is offensive tackle because of his background playing basketball and his athleticism.

"I see myself as an offensive tackle even though I am 6-foot-4.5 to 6-foot-5 and some want 6-foot-6 to 6-foot-7 guys, but I use my athleticism to my advantage.

"I have always been a basketball player and I think that helps. I was 185-pounds as a sophomore playing basketball and I really mold my game around quickness."

The latest offer just found it's way to Frantz this evening. That offer makes it six for the talented offensive lineman. He says that he knows what he's looking for in a school that ranges from on the field success to the conditioning coach.

"I have offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Marshall, Idaho and I just got off the phone with Miami," Frantz said.

"The main things for me is to go to a school to win games, if I can relate to the staff, the strength coach because I will be with him so much, location and also the style of the offense."

Frantz has been on some trips. He will be taking another one soon. As for camps and combines he says that there is enough film out there on his for people to make a determination on how good he is.

"I have visited Kansas twice, Missouri, Iowa and I am going to visit Kansas State soon. I really am just working out and not too focused on camps and combines. If you want to know if I am any good get my tape and see."

Nebraska commitment, Christian Gaylord, told that he had been communicating with Frantz. The two have known each other for a long time and Frantz knows that the Huskers won't be taking a lot more players at the position along with Gaylord.

"I have known Christian Gaylord for a long time," Frantz said. "We actually played Hurricane ball back in the day. We talk about playing again together someday. He said that Nebraska is only taking three offensive lineman so there isn't a lot of room left in the class.

"I am getting mail from Nebraska and I have been invited to spring practices and their spring game, but I haven't looked at the schedule and tried to make it there yet. I have been getting interest from Nebraska. I haven't spoken to any coaches from there."

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